Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I may not be the person or persons you're needing to hear this from, but every word comes from my heart.

I love you.
Your achievements in regards to your health and understanding yourself over the last few years have been phenomenal.
I am in awe of your mad computer skillz.
Yes, yes you can haz a cheeseburger, anytime you like.
One of my lifetime goals is to spend time with you in person.
Your strength of will and self discipline inspire me to continue on my own road to fitness.
You are a beautiful woman, inside and out.
If there are people in your life who cannot see the wonderful person right in front of them, then it's their blindness that causes this lack of comprehension.
I'm proud to call you, Friend.

Look in the mirror, Raina. Love and respect yourself,because you deserve it.

I hope one day you'll see yourself as I see you. Warm, wonderful, caring and unique.

No! Wait, that limits you to my perception.

I hope that one day you appreciate yourself as you truly are.

2 Nibbles:

Marshmallow said...


You are a gorgeous gorgeous woman, and I love you to bits.


Kada said...

{grins and hugs}