Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oooh look, food!

I made some two days ago as a surprise hearty breakfast for Alaskaboy for his first morning going back to work. but forgot to mix the oatmeal mix properly so some of the eggs ended up making a very thin custard on the bottom of the baking dish. LOL Of the two baked oatmeals (porridge) that Aunt-in-law made while we were visiting them, this is the better version. Perfectly fluffy oatmeal with succulent peaches and a hint of cinnamon. I'll keep practicing it until I can get it as good as she makes it.

A hearty Pennsylvania Dutch recipe if anyone wants it? One square of that keeps me full for many more hours than plain old porridge and peaches could.

And this. Funnily enough a meal I made the day before I started my bender. This particular day I was feeling energetic and without an ounce of post holiday blues. So, of course I made a yummy, healthy meal.

Chilli con carne, Salad(baby spinach, romaine/cos lettuce, cucumber, carrot), mexican rice (very easy just saute onion and garlic along with the rice, use half crushed tomatoes and half veg or chicken broth for the liquid and cook like usual), corn tortillas, ranch dressing for the salad, and fresh chopped coriander/cilantro.

This was more than enough for the two of us. Had a little leftover for my lunch the following day.

And surprisingly, today, my meals were actually that. Meals. not a binge. (B: 4 slices toast, L: veg curry and rice, D: baked oatmeal and hot chocolate. I guess expressing my feelings really does help me deal with them and turn away from the excess food. I wonder if this means I'm closer to mothballing the blankie than I thought?

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