Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Interesting reading:

I've recently discovered Meg's blog over at I Am That Girl Now and this post I found very interesting. Not just for the books she reviews, several of which I haven't come across before, including Rethinking Thin:

Rethinking Thin is more coy about its main premise, and instead leads the reader through the whole thinking process, handing us more and more evidence along the way, until we reach the end of the book gaping at the sheer overwhelming mass of accumulated evidence indicating that the diet game is complete bullshit. Even better for the average reader (i.e. those without a weight problem) who is likely to think that the problem with fat people is that they don't really, REALLY try to lose weight, this book also follows a group of people serving as test subjects for a study on whether Atkins does better than traditional calorie-counting. We meet them, we see their initial desperation, we share their initial triumphs and fall into the same belief that this time, this time, it's going to be different and they're going to make it, they're going to become skinny. Then, as time goes on, we see the inevitable plateaus, we watch them struggle as their bodies take back control of the situation and render each dieter helpless before their hunger and the need for a variety of nutritional components. In the end, the system didn't prove that one diet won out over the other-- it concluded that they both sucked.

But also for the conclusions she draws and the way she applies those lessons in her daily life. Most notably in a telephone conversation with her father.

I'm looking forward to going back through her archives.

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Erin said...

Meg's posts are great, I've read all her archives and get all excited when she posts again.

Kada said...

{grin} I'm starting to go through her archives. Fascinating stuff!