Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Marshy's Goodies Competition.

1. Brown: A photo of a brown koala, taken while at the Koala Conservatory on Phillip Island during our recent Vacation.

2. Orange: Alaskaboy's birthday cake from last year. Icing is both orange coloured AND flavoured!

3. Purple: If this was closer to Easter I would have bought some purple peeps and taken a photo of me biting into one with the caption "A Purple Peeper Eater" but alas, i must do with a stock photo of one instead. It is perty though!

4. Marshmallow: This is kinda cheating. This is the peeps fun bus that travels around the country. Biiiig Marshmallow peep on top, but it's not really made of marshmallow. Although, the purple peep from number four is, sooo....

5. Cat: Love this book.

6. Sleepin': My dog, Scruffy. Christmastime.

7. M: Loved this Mushroom-bedecked M.

8. W: {sigh} How I miss Bundaberg Sarsparilla. Oh well. Had to soothe my root beer craving somehow, so bought some A&W today.

2 Nibbles:

Marshmallow said...

I love it! Scruffy is too gorgeous, and Alaskaboy with his orange cake is an absolute HOOT :-D Now if you excuse me, I have some navel gazing to do. Ommmmmmmmmz!

alaskagirl said...

Mmmm...Bundaberg Sarsparilla.
A&W is so NOT the same. In fact, I don't think I've enjoyed a mainstream root beer since returning from Australia. Fortunately the co-op has some better (but expensive) brands...