Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I don't need no stinkin' ice cream cone!

I've been hankering for ice cream in the cone, for several days now. We've had the ice cream for well over a week, but no cones. Today, I remembered to chuck some into the trolley on the way to the checkout.

A delightful dinner of grilled rib eye with spicy lentil and veg hot pot on the side made me want to eat until I was full. But I knew I had more delectable things to come, so I made sure I left room.

To really make sure I was hungry and would enjoy my dessert, I went and cobbled together the post for Marshy's competition. That took me a little longer to accomplish than I thought it would, since me and computer whizbangery no can haz a friendship.

Alaskaboy's slaving away at aerobics while I get the ice cream out of the fridge and grab the box of cones out of the pantry.

My evil taunting backfires on me when I realise that if I open the pack tonight, or any time in the next week, we'll have to somehow eat twelve icecream cones between us by Monday morning. After what's already gotten in mah belly the last few weeks, thanks but no thanks.

After bitching and moaning for a good ten minutes...which mostly fell on deaf ears since Alaskaboy was concentrating on not falling arse over tit like he does if he tries to do aerobics and talk(or listen to something else) at the same time.

Should I make waffles? At 11 pm? Naaaaah!

Oooh, how about some raisin toast and bananas? I love that, it's quick, and we have two really ripe 'nanas that need gobbling up.

Good wifey that I am, I threw in some toast for Alaskaboy as well, and made enough mashed banana for two people.

But the ice cream, I still really want the ice cream! Sliced bananas goes well with waffles and icecream...{light bulb moment} I bet icecream goes really well on top of raisin toast and mashed banana.

Yes. Yes, it does!

And that's a bread and butter plate that it's on. Teeeny, tiny slices of raisin toast over here in the US.

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