Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm A Cookie Monster No More.

A hearty lunch was s'posed to sustain us through the bunch of errands we had to do the other day. Alas, we remembered some more things to do while out and about, and so the fuel supply rapidly dwindled leaving us with hollow bellies. The few fruit lollies that we'd snagged from the freebies jar at the bank only made us hungrier.

Driving home at the start of rush hour traffic we decided to drive through and get a snack of chips/fries from whichever burger joint we happened to pass first. Instead, our famished selves espied a bakery...with a parking spot right in front! Unheard of in that section of town lemme tell you. Even better, there was still money left in the meter, woohoo!

There was no jangle of a little bell above the door as we entered, but the smell was all one could wish for when entering the abode of delectable delights. So. Many. Things. To. Choose. From. Bagels, breads, cookies, cakes, slices, pastries and more. Alaskaboy spotted the napoleon (aka snot block) straight away, so he knew what he wanted, I however was undecided. That is until I saw the raspberry shortcakes, also known as linzer cookies. Unfortunately the buggers were easily 5 inches in diameter. Biiiig Coookie. But, what's this? What luck! In the next case along there were the more usual ¾-1 inch sized ones. Hooray! I bought three, thinking to eat two myself and one for Alaskaboy in trade for a nibble of his.

I couldn't help the moans of delight as I bit into the first one...before we even crossed back out through the doorway. Heavenly! So heavenly I pushed the remainder of that first cookie on Alaskaboy (because he had to try it rightthatverysecond!) and dug in the bag for the second one. About ten minutes later we were done and well on our way into traffic. Stopped at some lights, I raved out loud how scrumptious the cookie had been and how they were in fact what I'd really wanted rather than the chips I'd first thought I'd craved. Then I mused, "I bet they're fantastic with a cup of tea."

Alaskaboy remarked I should have bought the bigger one so I'd've had some more to eat later. And I stared at him gape-mouthed for a few seconds and then said, “You know what? It didn't even occur to me to do that!”

Let me reiterate: It didn't occur to me to buy more in case I might want it for later.

When I was dieting I'd have bought several servings worth just to bring home and have, or would have eaten the big one then and there. Or gone back the next day, or made plans to find them somehow, someway again, or even to make them myself..but low fat of course. You all know the compulsive kind of eating/hoarding/buying of which I speak.

This week I bought precisely what I wanted, and exactly the amount I wished to eat in that moment, and didn't even think for one second about getting more. I was even (more than a little) gobsmacked when Alaskaboy suggested I should have gotten extra.

How mind blowing is THAT?!

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Marshmallow said...

I love little victories like this that indicate just how much we've managed to stop ourselves from being a slave to the food - the over abundance of it and the need to be consuming as much of it as possible. You didn't want more, so you didn't get it! Fantastic! :-D