Sunday, November 04, 2007

Confidence Boost.

Well, that went well. Some months ago I'd donated a raffle prize of dinner for four, tonight was the night the winner claimed his prize.

The menu he chose from the four set menus I'd offered was:
First course - butternut pumpkin soup
Second course - roast potatoes, steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, orange roughy poached in a lemon and herb sauce.
Dessert - Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.

Everyone was extremely satisfied. One of the women guests is involved in the restaurant business, of which I was unaware until I started to prepare the main course talk about pressure!, and her comment at the end of the night was "Courses flowed extremely well from one to the next with no dish overpowering any other, all complimentary tastes, and this was certainly a white tablecloth restaurant quality meal."

I'm guessing that means it's a good thing, about the white table cloths??

I'm especially pleased since I made up the sauce for the fish as I went along. LOL Not bad for someone with taste bud and smell issues still.

3 Nibbles:

Marshmallow said...

Hey wow! That must make you feel pretty damn god - girl's still got it :-D

Erin said...

Good for you! That dinner sounds fantastic and that is really a feat with smell and taste issues like you've been having. Also congrats on the mile, you are really making great gains for yourself and it sounds like the path to more normalacy is broached.

Joc said...

Hey Kada, that's great that the dinner went so well.

Glad to hear that your are moving forward, no matter how slowly. Hang in there!