Sunday, August 26, 2007

Went to Doc's last night.

My ear is healed. Apparently it can be normal to still feel some itching with occasional twinges of pain even after you are healed. Just takes time for everything to settle down again. Oh, and same with the antibiotic reaction. All I can do is wait for my body to heal and recover.
Am suffering from anxiety and doc recommends that I go and see a psychiatrist. She said that with all I've been through in the past couple of months it's no wonder I'm anxious.

So, yeah. My favourite thing. Have patience and wait for my body to heal itself...

2 Nibbles:

kathrynoh said...

Hopefully you'll be feeling 100% soon. Damn bodies - why can't they just behave!

lisa jane said...

oh dear :(
Anxiety really sucks BIG TIME.Sometimes it is so entrenched into my life that I don't even recognise it as anxiety, I forget what it is like to feel any other way.EEK.
Hang in there!