Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Huffin' and Puffin'.

Realising that I haven't done any progress shots in awhile, and finally having found the camera stand and remote, I decided to do some today. There's now nine new shots up on the progress page. :)

I don't know if you remember that size 18 skirt: The purple one that in early December I was so excited to be able to do the button up on? Well, today, out of curiosity, I decided to step into it when zipped up and see how far I could wriggle it up my thighs before it stopped. There was wriggle, but no huffing or puffing, and it went all the way up! Up, as in on and in place to be buttoned. Also, didn't have any underwear on underneath, so there was no cheating by holding the fat in with other garments! :)

The 16W cargo shorts and my blue bike shorts are fitting better again also. The shorts look like they're straining at the pockets, but they were in the most recent shots prior to this also, my forearms just hid it before.

The skirt made me pleased, but there was an item I tried on that made me ecstatic.

I bought some jeans ages ago. I honestly don't remember when I bought them, I think it was late 2005 though. I remember being so excited at the time that the 18Ws fit, and bought only two pairs in that size and four or five in the 16Ws** "knowing" that I'd fit into them soon.

Yes, I'm shaking my head at my own folly. Over a hundred dollars spent on jeans that have sat in my closet so long I've forgotten when I bought them. One pair I would occasionally attempt to try on was the chocolate brown pair. Love me some chocolate brown jeans. They eventually became known in my mind as The Huff And Puff Jeans. No matter how much I huffed and puffed when doing aerobics or trying the jeans on, they would not go on. I tried all sorts of contortions. I tried control undies.

Even when the 16W cargo shorts initially went on, I felt certain they'd fit as they were the same size, same brand, and bought from the same shop at the same time. Only thing they didn't do the same was FIT! (Different cut in jeans and cargo shorts is my guess.)

Today, I tried them on. I was hoping maybe for the button to do up, or possibly the zip would go half way. I was expecting there to be some kind of improvement, surely? So I tugged them up. Over the hips there was definitely improvement. Bum fit much nicer. Ohh, look the pannus tucks in nicely under the zip seam. Zip does up--you lil' ripper!--so does the button. Not only do the jeans go on, they actually fit. I didn't have to hold my breath and shuffle around the room like I had a stick up my arse AND a corset around my gut. Nope, those jeans were firm, but comfortable. Played a game of Simon Says, and I could do everything Simon said. ;) Only thing is, it's now too warm to wear those jeans. And we'll be in Australia during the coolest part of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere...I may not actually get to wear those jeans, all five pairs, anywhere but in my bedroom! There I go with the head shaking again.

So! Even though I don't feel as firm as I did in December when I was doing all that weight lifting, I am definitely making progress. My body feels how it did back in November, when I lost a whole bunch of fat and before toning up, all loose and wobbly. Around 6 weeks ago I was worried because all my bits were firmed up again, and just assumed that meant I'd gained back a whole bunch of fat. Nope. I'm guessing that's par for the course for my body: Lose the fat underneath, making everything wobbly as there's less filling it up, then the muscles firm up and so does the skin.

Woohoo for Progress!

**(For those not living in USA, a W after a size means it's cut wider to allow for a curvier shape. Most clothing sizes are measured from a model, and then simply sized up by pattern. Which is why those of us with Curves have trouble finding clothes to fit, even when we are at a weight range that allows us to buy clothes from stores that cater to the non-plus sizes.)

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Wanna_B_slim said...

Well done Kada.!!!! Love the huff n puff jeans...;o)
Shame you mightnt get to wear then for long if at all.. but I found even with losing alot of weight that my 16's seemed to fit for a long time... even when toning... so you might be lucky enough to get to wear them yet!!! I still have some 16's that i wear now.. I dont think I have seen the W after the size here...

Kada said...

{grin} Thanks Nannette.

I'm hoping for some cooler nights still so I can at least wear them if we go out somewhere. And you're right, I'm still wearing the 18Ws even though they're baggy on me, so maybe I will get some wear out of the 16Ws.

I'm pretty sure the equivalent we have in Australia is the plus size jeans, like at Target or wherever. You know how a 16 in the plus sizes section is a little more generous than a "regular" 16? Kinda like that.

What I like here is that they also tend to have three leg lengths as well. Petite, Regular and Tall. Means I don't have to cut a foot of fabric off the bottom of my pants! :)