Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting Into The Swim Of Things.

My personal preference for style of swimwear is the catsuit. Okay, well it used to be called that, now apparently they're known as zipperback.

What's yours?

I like these because it means less sunscreen to apply, and well, the main reason is because there's no floppage. Wore a bikini once as a teenager, and filled it out very well even if I do say so myself. A lovely, neon green top, that had a little black zipper between the boobs, with bikeshorts-type bottoms also in green and black. Went down the water slide, headfirst and facedown like usual because I liked to dive into the pool at the bottom. Stood up, flashing everyone in the vicinity, including my brother and his friend, and didn't realise it until I'd clambered halfway up the steps.

As Effie would say, "How Embarrashment."

Switched to regular-style competition wear (with the keyhole back) when I began competitive swimming. Mucking around on the 1m diving board with some of my teammates whilst waiting for a training session to start. I climbed back up the ladder out of the pool and one of my tits wasn't coyly peeking out the side just a wee bit--Fuck No!--the whole damn thing was like a brazen hussy...out there for the world to see. Just the one, thankfully, and one of the guys pointed it out before I'd gone too far.

I contemplated wearing a size too small under my regular bathers, hoping that'd keep them under control, but about that time, the catsuits came out and thank Christ for that! They're not exactly the most flattering when it comes to showing one's shape, as the boobs tend to get squashed down, but hey, I'll take squashed and securely held over flopping in the wind, any day!

I've happily worn that style of swimsuit for nearly fifteen years now. Right before I moved here, I grew out of the pair I was using, and not in a good way either. I also had a pair in a smaller size that I'd worn a few times back in 2001 when I'd been using a personal trainer, and of course there was the size 12(AU) that I've never worn.

In desperation when we went to a beach north of Boston in August one year, I capitulated and bought a "regular" pair of bathers, Size 12(US). I've used it ever since, but since it's got a scoopback, there's been no diving or mucking around. Don't wanna risk floppage with tits this size, I could poke someone's eye out! This pair of bathers has been with me for years now and kinda got stretched to buggery as I got fatter and fatter, and there was one point where they almost didn't fit. (Well, okay they didn't; I could get them on with the help of Alaskaboy, but couldn't swim too well because they were too tight.)

Last week, I went and bought some flippers, ear plugs, hand paddles, and looked for a catsuit, as I've done every summer since being here. No luck. Even when I've explained them to the assistants, they never known what I'm talking about. This lady did!

I'll have to remember the name zipperback for in the future, but hey, that's okay! They had them in sizes up to a 36. I told her what size I am in clothing and she said, you'd probably be a 38.
"I'll try the 36 on anyway." I said.
"It might fit." she agreed.

So began the dressing room swimwear dance.
First step, legs in and pull up bathers. Good, I still have circulation left.
Next step, over the bum. Arse cheeks aren't hanging out.
Then, up over the belly. Pubes are hidden, and belly isn't poking out the sides. Great!
Now, wriggle and contort to get arms, boobs and shoulders in. Hmm, tight, but I can breathe, and they do loosen when they get wet.
Now, the zipper. I usually tie a piece of ribbon to the zipper, so that I can get them up. (Shouldn't have to. Wetsuits come with a zip pull, so should these!) No ribbon, have to ask lady to do it.
Zipper wouldn't go. Dammit!

I contemplated buying these nice, new bathers. Oh, how I hemmed and hawed about it. But, then I tallied up the cost of the other stuff in my hot little hands, and found that with the bathers added on top, it'd be well over a hundred dollars. Shit!
The sales assistant offered to have a pair of 38s ordered in, and I politely declined. What's the point of getting a pair of something that I'll probably grow out of within two months. An expensive something! I could always come back in that two months time and buy the 36s, now that I knew where to get 'em.

So, I came home, happy with my purchases, and ecstatic that I'd almost fitted into a pair of bathers off the rack at a shopping centre's sporting goods shop. One without a plus size section.

This morning, I looked at the tag of the catsuit I'd grown out of four years ago. Lo and behold, it's a 38! Not having any ribbon, I got a twist tie, poked it through the little hole at the end of the zipper, making a loop out of it. Then I grabbed the measuring tape and looped it through the twist tie for a temporary handle.

They fit like a dream.

Now. Here comes the best bit.

I had assumed that a 36 was the same as an Aussie 16.
No. The 38 is a 16.
Last week, I almost fit into a pair of regular size 14 bathers. This week I fit comfortably into a regular size 16, whilst having PMS. This time last year I had to squeeeeze myself into that other pair of bathers. Which, funnily enough, being a US 12 are also an AUS16, but since they were super-stretched, I reckon were closer to an 18 or 20.

I may not be making much progress on the scales, but at least I am making progress somewhere!

2 Nibbles:

Joc said...

Kada you are just too funny! That is fantastic that your are back in your Aussie size 16's almost 14's - brilliant!

I have always worn the standard one piece, speedo type, scoop back, racer back top swimmers. They squash my poor boozies almost flat and sort of wierd shaped, but generally hold them in place, which at a generous DD is a good thing in the pool. To think I used to be a pert C cup, very manageable... sigh. I know when I lose weight that's one of the first places I lose it, but after b/feeding 3 kiddies and gaining and losing weight for 15 years they will never be called pert again LOL. I think I am nearly ready to move to the underwire, control stomach style swimmers soon.

Kada said...

I'm a generous DD as well, but for some reason, mine like to play peekaboo! I honestly don't remember what it was like being a C cup, I went through that phase rather quickly at about the age of fourteen, I think. LOL

You mean, they get bigger after breast feeding? Holy shit!

Old lady bathers..yeah I'll need them too. After breastfeeding I bet I have razor strops!