Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Crackin' a stiffy!

This morning I woke up and I realised, I'm happy. How happy? If I was a man I probably would've had me a sizeable morning glory going on!

Last night however, I was stiff in an entirely different way.

Halfway through aerobics, the upper part of my right gluteus maximus started complaining. (Would that make it a right pain in the bum? LOL) I'm guessing the piriformis was also throwing in its two cents worth since stretching the bum didn't help all that much.

I soldiered on for another five minutes, as I was enjoying the first hot and sweaty session, in well over a month, that Alaskaboy and I had been able to participate in together. But, then my bum said "Screw you!" and not in a nice way either.

So there I was, feeling great cardiovascularly but with a stiff upper cheek. Much better than the stiff upper lip I had when I'd strained my groin muscle, lemme tell you! I played with my big ball for about twenty minutes, and then got a bum massage from Alaskaboy, and felt only a little better. As when dealing with any persistent and unwanted stiffy, I played the ice queen card in hopes it would dissipate.

After getting up close and personal with icepacks, (One for my groin, which I do after any strenuous exercise where it feels a little iffy, and one for my bum.) I was feeling a wee bit frigid. Figuring that a couple of chill pills and something hot would make me loosen up, I took three Ibuprofen and had a Radox/Batherapy bath.

It was while I was lolling around in the bath that I thought back to what I'd done over the last week or so. Plenty of singular hot and sweaty sessions both on land and in the water, but no stretching. (More huffy mcguffy with Alaskaboy too, much more. Another reason I know I'm happier, both in myself and with my surrounds. No happy, then not much marital relating.) Ugh. No wonder I was feeling sore and sorry for myself last night. I'd been a lean, mean exercising machine, but not a bendy, floppy stretching machine.

So I guess it really is true what they say, both strength and flexibility are essential for self love...

4 Nibbles:

Wanna_B_slim said...

HA ha're a nutter!! You crack me up...

Erin said...

Damnit I was going to say you crack me up but now I look like a stalker since wanna_b_slim already beat me to it.
Love ya!

Kada said...

{grin} Was worried that the double entendres would be a bit much with how many I had in there! LOL

Kada said...

Love ya too!