Monday, June 25, 2007

Addendum to yesterday's post.

Before, I would have been beating myself up because I wasn't being perfect in my eating. I would have bemoaned my failure to exercise every day, especially since I'd only set a target of 30 minutes. I would have ended up feeling like a failure, and binged for several weeks on end. Funny thing is, even though I ate a few times to the point of being overfull, that was where it stopped. My eating habits changed this week, but thinking back on what I ate, it wasn't really a binge at all. I seemed to graze almost constantly for the first 6-8 hrs I was awake, but then wouldn't eat anything until almost bed time after that. Weird for me, but that's what the bod was wanting this week.

So, I guess even though I thought I was taking a break from intuitive eating, I really still was listening to my body, and it was in need of rest and building up extra calories in preparation for my period. And as of yesterday, I now understand that. This period is a doozy. More painful cramps, and well, lemme just say it's stronger and bigger in all ways than usual. Funny how the bod knew it'd be needing the extra energy and I trusted that it knew what it was doing. How cool is that?

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Joc said...

Its amazing what our bodies are telling us if we only took the time to listen :-)