Friday, May 11, 2007

You should hear the cackles of glee!

"Goodbye, you."
"Someone else'll love you for sure."
"Oh god, why'd I EVER buy that? Oh right.. that's why."
"You, you're only good for the trash. Have been very well-loved indeed."

Yes, I'm cleaning out my wardrobes. Shoes, clothes, accessories, old sports uniforms(including calisthenics outfits HAHAHA), old chef uniforms and aprons... the works. Even the unworn sexy underwear that I bought to fit into...eventually. Ex-clubbing outfits. I don't know where I thought I'd ever wear THOSE again! LOL

So many clothes that I hung onto during my last clean out about 9 weeks ago. Some due to the memories associated with them, others to the hope I'd wear them again. Some just because of what I went through to purchase them in the first place. Some because they were recent purchases.

Gone. Most of them gone. I've kept some that I know I'll wear again. (And a very few that that I'm just not quite ready to give up. Who knows, in another nine weeks, I might be!)

This is fun! Next, will be the kitchen.

I'm finding moving house to be liberating, in so many ways.

P.S. When did you last clean out the detrius? LOL

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Wanna_B_slim said...

Ohh I am getting there slowly but surely... everytime I go to the wardrobe I check out what I cant get rid of next...
Alot of mine I have donated to my mum...
And the rest..well some needs to go to a retro shop i think..hahaha
A good cleanout makes you feel good hey!! In more ways than one!!

Erin said...

I've purged the closet about every year for the last few and I just now tossed out a ton of stuff that I had passed over the other times for misc crazy reasons. I had very similar thoughts to yours, and it DOES feel so good to say goodbye to those old "friends" or "foes" in some cases.

Kada said...

A lot of the stuff, especially the clubbing clothes, were of a polyester blend, or 100% polyester. I was thinking to myself, howinhell did I dance in hot nightclubs wearing those?

Errr, yeah a fair bit of mine is retro too. I had a pair of jeans in there that was 15 yrs old!

Kada said...

Every year? Wow, you're good!

On the flip side... no wait, that was enough for its own post. {cuts and pastes into a new post.