Thursday, May 17, 2007

Story Excerpt.

Here's a little bit from a novel I'm currently working on. Just a small sample of my work, as per Erin's request. :) It is set in the future and is from the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre. (First draft, so please forgive any mistakes.)


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Marshmallow said...

I likes it! I likes it very muchly :-D

I've been trying to read more sci fi and fantasy recently - Lord Of The Rings and the Wheel of Time series in the fantasy genre, though I'm still working on Science Fiction; yet I've really taken a liking to Tad Williams' 'Otherland' series (its considerably geeky, which is probably why :-D).

Thank you very much for sharing this with us! I really enjoyed it :-D

Kada said...

Got any favourite characters or scenes from any of the stories?

I love The Hobbit, and the Fellowship of the Ring; but the series as a whole, for me, is a little overblown and dry. Always has been. I've owned the series since the age of ten, and could never get past the middle of Book Six.
Did finally read through the whole series after watching the movie trilogy. But, yeah... still don't like it.

Wheel of Time I adore. Just wish it'd hurry up and finish dammit!

Tad William's Memory, Sorrow And Thorn series I read years ago and loved. Own the Otherland series. (tech geek heaven! and have read Shadowmarch, but not Shadowplay yet.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Wow... thats gr8.. lots of big words in it... I had to concentrate when i read it haha.. I am a terror for skimming...
Hope it goes well with whoever has to approve of it..

Anonymous said...

i'm not a fan of sci fi at all but i REALLY enjoyed that. can't wait to see it published and read the whole thing. seriously, it is really good.

it had me hooked, in particular the second part.

hope things are looking up in the binge department, slips always happen so don't give yourself a hard time