Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The sound of one voice babbling.

Okay. I've put a whole bunch of comfy chairs in my virtual lounge room. There's drinks and snacks, and background music playing.

Don't be shy. Sit down, get comfortable, then tell me a bit about yourself. And feel free to ask me any questions you've been wanting to know. Or tell me something. Whatever.
This is your opportunity to interact with me, without me choosing the subject matter.

Talk to me people. I'm sick of the sound of my own voice for now. Let's have a conversation!

ETA: Comments are moderated to prevent those meat-in-a-can-loving under-bridge-dweller's comments we all know and love so well!

13 Nibbles:

Wanna_B_slim said...

Ok... i will be back... with scotch in hand... I will have a think about this one..
Just going to have a shower to kik start my day...Hope yours is going well..

Kada said...

It's going well. Our application for an apartment was accepted. :D

We go in on Saturday to sign the lease and pick up the keys. Will probably be a week or two after that when we move in, depending on how quick we can get the rest of our stuff sorted and packed.

Scotch? What kind?

Diet Free Leesha said...

I'm a reader who doesn't post much but wanted to let you know I am there and very appreciative of the advice you gave me with my last post


Kada said...

Hi Leesha!

I had to duck back and re-read what I'd written. Phew. I was afraid it'd come off preachy or know-it-all.

How ya going this week so far?

Amanda said...

Hi Kada. Cool lounge room you've got here. I'm particularly fond of the green lava lamps, they're a great touch. Where'd you get them?

Anyway. I'm having a so-so week. I feel like I've fallen off the wagon and can't get back on. How about you?

Kada said...

Hello Amanda. :)
I found them at a local flea market. They go very well with the shagpile carpet, doncha think?

Those damn wagons. They always up and buck the rider. Hope ya didn't hurt yourself?

I feel like I'm hanging onto the wagon and running along side at the moment. I'm not binging per se even with all the stress at the moment, but I am definitely eating when not hungry.

Am very excited that I was able to find the apartment all on my lonesome though. Was a big thing for me.

Looking forward very much to having a pool on the grounds of the complex. :D

Marshmallow said...

Anyone for a Tim Tam? *offers to everyone*

Joc said...

Hi, I'd love a Tim Tam, thanks marshmallow.

Just thought I'd introduce myself, only recently found you through Peaches and Cream.

I hate moving, I hope it goes nice and smoothly for you.

See you round.

Kada said...

Tim Tam? Yes, please! Err.. that is, if they're not double coat. Don't like them, they're too rich.

How's life treating yas lately?

Kada said...

Hiya, Joc, and welcome.

When was the last time you had to move? Last time, for me, was four years ago, and it ws only myself and my stuff and the international moving company took care of it all once I'd packed up the boxes. This time we're moving ourselves. a whole house! eek!

Erin said...

Heya Kada!

Sorry about not commenting lately, I'm trying to rectify that.
Love the lounge room post idea, I am curious what is going on with your writing, as in career wise and what you do on a regular basis ie. freelance? etc?
Moving can truly be a pain, I suggest using Flylady's moving tips (www.flylady.net) but good on you for finding a place and taking action! It will get easier as each day goes by and things resolve themselves.
Sorry, not a big sweets eater so no tim tam for me! My vices are more beer and cheese fries related.

Kada said...

Hiya Erin! Howzit hangin' chickybabe?

{looks over at the WIP-pile} Ahahahahaah! Umm... Where to start? Basically, I'm currently on one editor's anthology invitation list. The short story that is due on the 15th of May is my second submission to her. The first was unsuccessful. Am hoping this one will have better luck. If not, will try, try and try again.

I'm a (predominantly) science fiction and fantasy writer. I've completed the first draft of my first novel, entitled Serenade. Am halfway through a second one, Spell Me No Lies (unrelated to the first, and am researching the sequels for Serenade.
I've written several short stories, but haven't really had the courage to send many out yet.
I love to write, both stories and poetry.
This blog, for me, serves a twofold purpose. It helps me practice my writing, as well as deal with my food and emotional issues. (Also has garnered me a friend or two, but that wasn't expected.)
I've had a poem or two published.
There was also a small online contest that I won recently. No money involved, but I think I did win a plaque of some sort. LOL

So, I guess you could say I'm still serving my apprenticeship. And it doesn't matter if I never make money off my writing. I love to write, I HAVE to write. So even if it's stories for myself, family and friends...so be it. To be paid would be awesome, but it's not the main reason I write. I love words and the way they string together. I adore language in all its quirky glory.

She has moving tips too? Cool! Will check them out.

You know, I'm finding that. Living with my emotions, they are dealt with and get out of the way and I am clear-headed and able to move onto the next step. Alaskaboy and I were laughing this weekend, in a relieved kind of way. We were trying to imagine this all happening twelve months ago. I would have been a complete basket case!

We do have several different kinds of beer. Have fries in the freezer and three different kinds of cheese in the fridge. Knock yourself out! :)

So, how come ya been so quiet lately? (if it's too personal don't have to share if ya don't want.)

Erin said...

I've been too darned quiet because I got sick and I hate talking about being sick and then I was wrapped up in finishing out Organic Chemistry class, just took the final yesterday. As for Subway, not really a huge fan but when I do go I get the Club, no cheese, on whole wheat with all the veggies except black olives. I like black olives just not on my sandwich, or at least the club anyway.
And concerning you being a "real" writer, maybe you should re-read the list above, I'd say you are one and I definitely admire you for it.
I am loving having your stuff to read again!