Saturday, May 26, 2007

Quick CatchUp.

We're mostly packed up, only the miscellaneous odds and ends remain. You know, those bits that end up all crammed into a few boxes because you can't think where else to put them. And really can't be arsed spending any more energy on packing!

We got a fair bit moved over to the new apartment, thanks to one of Alaskaboy's workmates lending us his pickup truck, aka ute, on the weekend. We got so much moved in fact that Monday morning we had to take me off to the doctors to get some migraine meds. Yeah, first migraine in three years and it was my worst ever. Once the meds kicked in by Monday afternoon, it became apparent that I'd overworked every muscle in the rear of my body. But, especially my shoulders, neck, and arms/wrists. Even my joints were sore from all the pushing and pulling! Silly me, I'd tried my best to keep pace with Alaskaboy. Not a good idea.
To exacerbate things we'd slept Sunday night on the airbed, and Monday...then I said “screw this, let's go sleep on our bed at the new place.” Since I was ferrying stuff back and forth anyway, it made sense to sleep there on the comfy bed, and time my meals for when I was here where the food was still located. Is amazing the difference that a few good nights' sleep can make. Feel much more refreshed and looking forward to finishing the moving this weekend.

So, after the month I've had, you can imagine my surprise when I got on the scales and it told me I'd lost a pound this month. (Last weigh-in before moving, is why it was done today, instead of the 31st.) I would have sworn black and blue that I'd have put on at least five pounds. Nope. So, since January I've pretty much maintained my weight. I'm thrilled with that!

But, once this weekend is over...the time for maintaining is done. I'm eager to be able to set up my exercise timetables again; to get back into the swing of writing; to cook a meal whenever I want; and best of all, having our privacy back! It was nice having the roomies here to talk to, but to be honest I always felt a little constrained. Especially since it was a shared kitchen/dining room, I never really felt like we could sit down and eat dinner whilst talking about our day, without people listening in. Funny that, the woman who regularly blabs her life story to the internet feels the need for privacy in her own kitchen. LOL

Not only the privacy to eat and talk, but also the ability to sweat, grunt, groan and fart without an audience when I'm exercising. Or to run off to the bathroom and pee in the middle of a set if I need to, without having to take the time to cover up. Nothing worse than trying to cross your legs, unlock a door, put a shirt on, and pause the video, all at the same time! And then trying to walk normally out into the shared part. Talk about inconvenient.

The pool; did I mention that yet? There's a pool in this apartment complex. IN THE COMPLEX! That's the upside. The downside is that with how the windows are set up in the apartment, we can't have an airconditioner. So, I'm betting all our fans will be going in the room at once when we do aerobics this summer. But, how nice huh? If we exercise during the hours the pool is open, can always go for a dip straight afterwards if we want.

The fans are running full blast now as it is anyway. Have been for the last week. The apartment was newly painted before we moved in. MmmMmm, new paint smell. I'm thinking of cooking a nice stinky curry this weekend to help cover the stench while the paint finishes outgassing. It's mainly the kitchen cupboards and linen closet that they closed up, instead of leaving open to air out.

Well, that's all the update I have time for today. Off to do some more paperwork stuff, packing, and trips to Goodwill. Just wanted to let yas know how I'm doing.

Can you tell I'm ready for the move to be over with and our life back to normal?

P.S. I have been reading your blogs as I get a chance, just haven't had time to comment yet. There will be comments coming, don't worry about that...miss yas!

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Wanna_B_slim said...

Well done on maintaining..always a nice surprise when you think you have gained hey!!!
Congrats on the move... wooohooo privacy...
And try cutting up a couple of onions and placing them in a bucket or bog bowl of water to help nuetralise the paint smell... my mum swears by it!

Anonymous said...

i'm hearing you about the move, NOTHING worse, we're still living out of suitcases and it's been 4 mths... yep, and i can't remember the last time it was just us two or even us 4 in a room or place together. but it's all gonna be done soon...

good luck with it all

Marshmallow said...

I do believe it was once said that the two most stressful things in life are moving house and your own funeral - only you don't experience your own funeral because you're dead, so that one doesn't really count.

My Mum used to cook bacon whenever she wanted to cancel out a smell - was great because we got to eat the bacon too ;-)

Best of luck! And another thing... Push and Be Pushed now lives here, without any association with MSN whatsoever!

Kada said...

Don't have any onions to spare, but will definitely try some after we go shopping this week.

Yeah. Lovin' the privacy!

Maintaining feels fab!

Kada said...

Bet you can't wait for life to return to normal, San! Four months outta suitcases? Yuck. A month is bad enough when we go on holidays, can't imagine how it is with kids.

Bet you're sick of wearing the same clothes over and over again too!

Kada said...

Yeah it was stressful, but it's done now and we can relax. The pool's helping me with that, and Alaskaboy is liking the privacy again. Not too sure if he likes living farther away from work though.

The bacon smelt great for a few hours, but then the paint smell came back. I'm pretty sure they've used an oil-based gloss paint, so it'll just take time for the stinky to go.

Had a quick check out of BPAP and will look at it in more depth this week. Much better than the other site! ;)