Saturday, May 12, 2007

On the flipside from last night.

Less than two weeks after buying several tops the other month, one of them didn't fit me. It was too big all of a sudden, and I hadn't worn it other than trying it on in the dressing room. After setting it aside and selecting something else to wear, I didn't think any more of it. Also due to the weather cooling down again and not being able to wear it, I'm sure.

It's gotten a lot warmer over the last month, and so the sexier summery clothes have started nagging me to be worn. So, I've worn it a few times already this last fortnight, and yesterday it particularly struck me how satisfied I was that it looked gooood.

And that was when it clicked...I remember being so disappointed the other month when I put it on and it was ill-fitting. I mean, REALLY pissed off. I'm wondering if, deep down inside, I was eating a little more at each meal recently, so that I could wear this top and have it look good?

Hmmm, methinks it might not just be for supressing emotions, but for vanity that overeating can occur. LOL

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