Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dizziness when swimming in cold water.

Even though I was going slower than yesterday, and had felt fine swimming other stroke laps beforehand, despite the water being much colder this morning, I definitely was too dizzy to continue once I progressed to swimming freestyle strokes with the thigh pull buoy. Prior to that I'd done a whole bunch of breastroke work with and without kickboard and thigh pull, and freestyle kick with the board alone. I figured moving slower would allow me be less dizzy, and it helped... but not for the reason I'd thought.

"Mostly the problem at that temperature is for some, the cold water getting inside the ear and affecting the vestibular apparatus resulting in dizziness (wear silicone earplugs to prevent this as well as keeping you a bit warmer)."

Once the water started dropping down into my ear canals during freestyle stroke, dizziness was inevitable. Apparently, it's even common to see Ironmen and Women wobbling out of the water like they've been on a three day bender, if they don't wear the ear protection, and they pretty much swim in a continuous line, so don't have turning in short circles to blame.

So, earplugs for me for sure for tomorrow's swim! ANd maybe a little later in the day when the water isn't so cold that even I have to take ten minutes to ease on into it!

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Erin said...

Hi Kada! *waves

Loved the post about cooking the special dinner for Alaskaboy. Also never got to comment on the excerpt, enjoyed it! Ever read George R.R. Martin? Just curious, brutal stories but they will suck you in, I still haven't read the last one that I waited a few years for...
Also, I'm jealous of the swimming, I finally got to go yesterday but the pool was filled with about 20 screaming 6 yr olds, including a little boy that seemed to have a crush or a death wish and kept cannon balling right next to me and my 22 month old.

Kada said...

Hi Erin! {grin} I enjoyed writing the dinner post.

Glad that you liked the excerpt. Yes, I like his books, have also yet to buy the most recent book. I am waiting for paperback.

I haven't been swimming since that day, but I'm hoping to go again this week. Ohh little turd! Hope you told him off. Although with some kids, acknowledging they're doing wrong just encourages them. Hope you had a good time despite the Kannonball Kid.