Saturday, May 05, 2007

Control Top Pantry.

Since we found out at the start of April that we'd be moving I've changed my shopping habits.
As most of you know, when moving house, the food, (said in my best Con-the-fruiterer voice!) she is a problem.

It's a fine line to balance healthy meals, ensuring there's minimal to move on the day, and as little spoilage as possible. In regards to this, I've been buying a lot less food. Not just less in volume, but less in variety. I've been cooking less volume too. There's usually only a night or two of leftovers instead of enough left for several nights worth to put in the the large deep freezer.

And I've come to the conclusion that I don't like this. Not because I'm feeling the lack of food in the house. I've enjoyed the challenge of learning to cook with minimal leftovers. I've enjoyed unearthing food from the freezer to cook as well as disposing of all the things that were out of date.
I've moved beyond the need to surround myself with food to feel safe. I know there will always be more, I've grown beyond the step of needing large amounts of food. My body understands that, if I have a choice in the matter, I'll never deprive it again.. My dislike is because I was passing up foods I wanted because they were only available in packaging sizes that we may not be able to eat in time to move.

We've been eating takeaway foods on the weekends as it's easier and saves time for packing boxes. And both of us are sick of it!

We have our own fridge that we'll be taking with us as well as the deep freeze. They sit in the front room. But out in the shared kitchen there's also another fridge; a large one with a small freezer in the top. Now, pantry goods are easy to box up and take with us, but it's the perishables I've been worried about. The guy out the back doesn't cook. The only thing he has in the fridge is some diet soda. We've been using it as an overflow fridge, with his permission.

Last night, I had a brilliant idea. (I'm a little ashamed it took me this long to think of it.) Why not buy everything as normal, but ensure there's enough on moving day to fit in the other fridge/freezer and no more. Then, it's a simple matter of using the large esky/cooler and taking the food over to the new place once we get the other fridge set up. It may take a couple of trips, but hey, no different to going shopping. And we can cook and eat what we want in the meantime.

This was such a huge relief for me. All of a sudden I wanted to cook again. Today I went out and did a normal shopping trip. Large bags of fruit and veggies, instead of only enough for a few days at a time. Fridge, freezer and pantry items. Our usual size containers of food. It felt so good to find another way to regain control of the situation, instead of continuing to let it control me.

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Wanna_B_slim said...

Isnt it terrible how we have to be so metally prepared to eat all the time...
have brekkie and we are already thinking preparation for lunch.. then its..Oh what do i have out for dinner... it sux hey...
Oh well.. I guess its part of life.. well done on trying to make life easier for the move...

Kada said...

It wasn't so much that, although I have been like that in the past, it was more the feeling of missing out.
There were foods I was reeally wanting to eat... craving in fact, yet I wasn't buying them because we'd never eat them all before moving.

Hmm.. now that I think about it, it was an extension of 'clean your plate' mentality. Must eat all food in house before moving! {rolls eyes} As if! If we have to chuck some stuff, so be it. Is better than getting food poisoning!