Friday, May 18, 2007

The calm after the storm.

Despite its title, here's a not-so-little poem that I just wrote.

Looks like all of this last month's turmoil has finally caught up with me over the last two days. Especially since I no longer have the story deadline helping to keep my focus distracted. The stiff upper lip has now resumed it's usual suppleness, and I feel much better for it. Well, emotionally. I'd forgotten how miserable overeating really is! And how revolting a full on binge can be. Can't believe I used to do this ALL the friggen time. To tell ya the truth I'm a little scared to go back into the loungeroom. What kind of detrius am I going to find?

Showing A Little Sense.

This little eye of mine, it refused to spy,
causing my vision of late to go awry.
Story words and movie screens galore,
is all I've seen this last week or more.

This little ear, would hear naught of fear,
when it came knocking 'round here.
Encouraging words alone allowed,
to be heard from among the crowd.

Turned up and away is this little nose,
refusing to smell what shit the fan blows.
Perhaps seeking instead, fragrant fumes
coming from the springtime blooms.

My little buds refused to even taste,
what I consumed with unseemly haste.
'Til stomach's stretched way beyond sore,
yet into my mouth I stuffed even more.

This little episode is to avoid the touch,
of what makes me ache so much
But still to the quick I am flayed,
because I'm both angry and afraid.

This little black duck went early to bed,
all the better to rest my weary head.
But first a bucket I gathered quickly,
because I was feeling very sickly.

A little snooze I hoped would cure,
what I'd forced myself to endure.
Alas, the sandman was in hiding,
and my emotions were done with biding.

One little tear all too soon creates,
complete failure of the floodgates.
Forth comes such a large outpouring,
that I feel swept from my mooring.

This little delusion lasts not long,
and I see where I've gone wrong.
Away my negativity has been scoured.
Leaving me refreshed; empowered.

Five little senses, plus my sensibilities,
made me recognise my vulnerabilities.
Admitting emotions is all well and good,
but feeling them is key. Is that understood?

This little poem is my way of showing,
which way the wind's been blowing.
Sincere is my hope, that on this night,
my equilibrium has been set aright.

ETA: {laughs} In case yas didn't guess; I'm also a poet. ;) And yes, in that department I have already been published a couple of times.

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Wanna_B_slim said...

OMG!!! Thats fantastic...bravo....

Kada said...

{blush} Thanks.