Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dizziness when swimming in cold water.

Even though I was going slower than yesterday, and had felt fine swimming other stroke laps beforehand, despite the water being much colder this morning, I definitely was too dizzy to continue once I progressed to swimming freestyle strokes with the thigh pull buoy. Prior to that I'd done a whole bunch of breastroke work with and without kickboard and thigh pull, and freestyle kick with the board alone. I figured moving slower would allow me be less dizzy, and it helped... but not for the reason I'd thought.

"Mostly the problem at that temperature is for some, the cold water getting inside the ear and affecting the vestibular apparatus resulting in dizziness (wear silicone earplugs to prevent this as well as keeping you a bit warmer)."

Once the water started dropping down into my ear canals during freestyle stroke, dizziness was inevitable. Apparently, it's even common to see Ironmen and Women wobbling out of the water like they've been on a three day bender, if they don't wear the ear protection, and they pretty much swim in a continuous line, so don't have turning in short circles to blame.

So, earplugs for me for sure for tomorrow's swim! ANd maybe a little later in the day when the water isn't so cold that even I have to take ten minutes to ease on into it!


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home is where the nose is?

Imagine, if you will, a miasma of onion, cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, fresh coriander stems, tomato, potato and cauliflower wending its way down the hallway. There on the threshold of the office it pauses--atremble--before sneaking into the room and wafting around the ceiling, then curling down to entice my nose.

This is not a smell that makes me think of the deepest darks of India, nor even any local eatery. Aloo Gobi, this recipe in particular, is a smell that always conjures to mind thoughts of my husband. This is the recipe he usually makes. It is one of the dishes he takes great delight in preparing in all it's time-consuming chopping and measuring. He especially takes great delight in sharing the bounty with me...but if I'm not in the mood for it, he has been known to eat the whole pot, all by himself, over the course of several days. It's a recipe that he makes much better than I. For some reason, whenever I cook it, it's never as good as he can do it, even if he stands right beside me and coaches me the whole way.

Last night, he was meant to make it for dinner, but we ran out of time. Tonight, I am making it for him to welcome him home. For you see, I finished moving everything out of the other house today (except for our plants which we need to deal with on Saturday) and that made me in great need of comfort. Firstly, I went for a swim this afternoon.

...Beg pardon, the timer went off and I went out to add the final touches to the aloo gobi; garam masala stirred into the pot, the heat turned off and fresh chopped coriander leaves sprinkled over the top. With the lid replaced over the lot, to let the delicious concoction marinate in its own juices.

Back we go, from the warm spiciness of this evening's Indian curry to the brisk chill of the swimming pool this afternoon...

Comfort. Two things that are essential to my emotional wellbeing; water and Alaskaboy. Alaskaboy not being on tap since he was at work, I went with the comfort to be had literally from a tap. Not a beer tap, fortunately.

I'd been meaning to go for a swim every day for the last week, but each night we had been finished our chores far later than the pool was open. Today, I was luckily enough to squeeze in with about half an hour to spare. And squeeze it was, lemme tell you. The pool is 25 ft(almost 8 metres) long, at most. I'm pretty sure the dizziness I felt occasionally whilst I was swimming was not just from the fact I'd only had three hours sleep last night, and that the extremely cold water undoubtedly put my blood pressure up a tad, but also from swimming laps in that itty bitty pool! It would take me 131 laps to swim a kilometre! Holy snappin' duckturds, Batman! Methinks I'm going to have to find some other aquatic exercises to do in the pool as well as lap swimming. Either that or take some motion sickness drugs beforehand. LOL

Today, I got my swim, and my head and heart feel so much more refreshed than they did the other night. Once the swim was over and done with, and I'd had a bite to eat, I felt in need to a nap. But, again, my brain was too keyed up to sleep. I really am empathising with babies at the moment. In particular, babies whose routines have got so out of whack that they're in need of relearning how to go to sleep of a night. New plays of light on the wall, new sounds, new smells, so many unfamiliar things mixed in with the familiar furnishings, and it's enough to set a girl on edge. Add to that the lovely clinking of the plastic vertical blinds, and... well, I'm sure you get the picture.

Alaskaboy is working late tonight, because they have a late start in the morning. Feeling a little lonely, and knowing he'd want the aloo gobi for dinner/snack when he got home, even if I was the one to make it, I set out to do just that.

This too has been another new thing. Comforting myself with food, without needing to eat it. My body wanted bacon and ketchup sandwich this morning for breakfast; a banana for lunch; a piece of cheese for snack; lentil and veg japanese curry with rice for dinner, and then cheese and tomato on toast for snack. But my soul, that was a different story. I needed the sensual comfort that is the heady aroma of indian cooking. Alaskaboy's Indian cooking. And I know the apartment actually smells like home to me tonight, and I'm hoping it will for him too. In time, if we cook enough of our foods and create enough memories, it will come to be our home too, rather than just 'the new apartment' masquerading like a girl wearing her mother's perfume.

It doesn't hurt that the aloo gobi banishes the paint smell for a little while as well.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

Move from our previous area, to a supposedly safer area, and have two instances of Not Nice on the very day we complete the major move.

After going out for a bite to eat, we dropped our friend off back at our old house so he could get his car to go home, then we picked up some more of the leftover miscellany to bring back here. Got home to discover someone had tried to break in through the kitchen window. (bottom and top of flyscreen frames had been prised up, but they hadn't been able to get in.) Reported that to the manager. We were unsettled for a bit, but eventually went off to bed.

Some time between 4 and 4:30 this morning I was woken by the sound of POP. POP.POP.POP. on our street. And then for good measure, another pop or two. I said to Alaskaboy, "I hope those were firecrackers." But he assured me they weren't. Espcially with the rythym of the pops and then a voice yelling out, "Here comes your buddy, RUN!" followed by the thud of footsteps, a slamming of a car door(or two, can't quite remember now) and then a car speeding off into the night.
We're hoping it was a very rare occurrence!
P.S. Sad or good thing, I can't determine yet; my writerly brain filed it all
away for future reference. "So THAT's what it sounds like?"


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Quick CatchUp.

We're mostly packed up, only the miscellaneous odds and ends remain. You know, those bits that end up all crammed into a few boxes because you can't think where else to put them. And really can't be arsed spending any more energy on packing!

We got a fair bit moved over to the new apartment, thanks to one of Alaskaboy's workmates lending us his pickup truck, aka ute, on the weekend. We got so much moved in fact that Monday morning we had to take me off to the doctors to get some migraine meds. Yeah, first migraine in three years and it was my worst ever. Once the meds kicked in by Monday afternoon, it became apparent that I'd overworked every muscle in the rear of my body. But, especially my shoulders, neck, and arms/wrists. Even my joints were sore from all the pushing and pulling! Silly me, I'd tried my best to keep pace with Alaskaboy. Not a good idea.
To exacerbate things we'd slept Sunday night on the airbed, and Monday...then I said “screw this, let's go sleep on our bed at the new place.” Since I was ferrying stuff back and forth anyway, it made sense to sleep there on the comfy bed, and time my meals for when I was here where the food was still located. Is amazing the difference that a few good nights' sleep can make. Feel much more refreshed and looking forward to finishing the moving this weekend.

So, after the month I've had, you can imagine my surprise when I got on the scales and it told me I'd lost a pound this month. (Last weigh-in before moving, is why it was done today, instead of the 31st.) I would have sworn black and blue that I'd have put on at least five pounds. Nope. So, since January I've pretty much maintained my weight. I'm thrilled with that!

But, once this weekend is over...the time for maintaining is done. I'm eager to be able to set up my exercise timetables again; to get back into the swing of writing; to cook a meal whenever I want; and best of all, having our privacy back! It was nice having the roomies here to talk to, but to be honest I always felt a little constrained. Especially since it was a shared kitchen/dining room, I never really felt like we could sit down and eat dinner whilst talking about our day, without people listening in. Funny that, the woman who regularly blabs her life story to the internet feels the need for privacy in her own kitchen. LOL

Not only the privacy to eat and talk, but also the ability to sweat, grunt, groan and fart without an audience when I'm exercising. Or to run off to the bathroom and pee in the middle of a set if I need to, without having to take the time to cover up. Nothing worse than trying to cross your legs, unlock a door, put a shirt on, and pause the video, all at the same time! And then trying to walk normally out into the shared part. Talk about inconvenient.

The pool; did I mention that yet? There's a pool in this apartment complex. IN THE COMPLEX! That's the upside. The downside is that with how the windows are set up in the apartment, we can't have an airconditioner. So, I'm betting all our fans will be going in the room at once when we do aerobics this summer. But, how nice huh? If we exercise during the hours the pool is open, can always go for a dip straight afterwards if we want.

The fans are running full blast now as it is anyway. Have been for the last week. The apartment was newly painted before we moved in. MmmMmm, new paint smell. I'm thinking of cooking a nice stinky curry this weekend to help cover the stench while the paint finishes outgassing. It's mainly the kitchen cupboards and linen closet that they closed up, instead of leaving open to air out.

Well, that's all the update I have time for today. Off to do some more paperwork stuff, packing, and trips to Goodwill. Just wanted to let yas know how I'm doing.

Can you tell I'm ready for the move to be over with and our life back to normal?

P.S. I have been reading your blogs as I get a chance, just haven't had time to comment yet. There will be comments coming, don't worry about that...miss yas!


Friday, May 18, 2007

The calm after the storm.

Despite its title, here's a not-so-little poem that I just wrote.

Looks like all of this last month's turmoil has finally caught up with me over the last two days. Especially since I no longer have the story deadline helping to keep my focus distracted. The stiff upper lip has now resumed it's usual suppleness, and I feel much better for it. Well, emotionally. I'd forgotten how miserable overeating really is! And how revolting a full on binge can be. Can't believe I used to do this ALL the friggen time. To tell ya the truth I'm a little scared to go back into the loungeroom. What kind of detrius am I going to find?

Showing A Little Sense.

This little eye of mine, it refused to spy,
causing my vision of late to go awry.
Story words and movie screens galore,
is all I've seen this last week or more.

This little ear, would hear naught of fear,
when it came knocking 'round here.
Encouraging words alone allowed,
to be heard from among the crowd.

Turned up and away is this little nose,
refusing to smell what shit the fan blows.
Perhaps seeking instead, fragrant fumes
coming from the springtime blooms.

My little buds refused to even taste,
what I consumed with unseemly haste.
'Til stomach's stretched way beyond sore,
yet into my mouth I stuffed even more.

This little episode is to avoid the touch,
of what makes me ache so much
But still to the quick I am flayed,
because I'm both angry and afraid.

This little black duck went early to bed,
all the better to rest my weary head.
But first a bucket I gathered quickly,
because I was feeling very sickly.

A little snooze I hoped would cure,
what I'd forced myself to endure.
Alas, the sandman was in hiding,
and my emotions were done with biding.

One little tear all too soon creates,
complete failure of the floodgates.
Forth comes such a large outpouring,
that I feel swept from my mooring.

This little delusion lasts not long,
and I see where I've gone wrong.
Away my negativity has been scoured.
Leaving me refreshed; empowered.

Five little senses, plus my sensibilities,
made me recognise my vulnerabilities.
Admitting emotions is all well and good,
but feeling them is key. Is that understood?

This little poem is my way of showing,
which way the wind's been blowing.
Sincere is my hope, that on this night,
my equilibrium has been set aright.

ETA: {laughs} In case yas didn't guess; I'm also a poet. ;) And yes, in that department I have already been published a couple of times.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Story Excerpt.

Here's a little bit from a novel I'm currently working on. Just a small sample of my work, as per Erin's request. :) It is set in the future and is from the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre. (First draft, so please forgive any mistakes.)



Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Water Baby has left the building.

I *know* I've improved on my last short story attempt, and well, if it gets accepted, that'd be the icing on the cake. If not, there's always next time.

After this last month I've had, I'm just proud of the fact that I was able to submit anything, let alone a whole and complete story. And it's certainly helped me realise I wouldn't want to be doing any other job in the world!
Now I fully understand "We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to." It doesn't matter what else is happening in your life, if the story is there, it will out itself...somehow. LOL

Now, I'm off to have some drinkies and watch Blazing Saddles.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

On the flipside from last night.

Less than two weeks after buying several tops the other month, one of them didn't fit me. It was too big all of a sudden, and I hadn't worn it other than trying it on in the dressing room. After setting it aside and selecting something else to wear, I didn't think any more of it. Also due to the weather cooling down again and not being able to wear it, I'm sure.

It's gotten a lot warmer over the last month, and so the sexier summery clothes have started nagging me to be worn. So, I've worn it a few times already this last fortnight, and yesterday it particularly struck me how satisfied I was that it looked gooood.

And that was when it clicked...I remember being so disappointed the other month when I put it on and it was ill-fitting. I mean, REALLY pissed off. I'm wondering if, deep down inside, I was eating a little more at each meal recently, so that I could wear this top and have it look good?

Hmmm, methinks it might not just be for supressing emotions, but for vanity that overeating can occur. LOL


Friday, May 11, 2007

You should hear the cackles of glee!

"Goodbye, you."
"Someone else'll love you for sure."
"Oh god, why'd I EVER buy that? Oh right.. that's why."
"You, you're only good for the trash. Have been very well-loved indeed."

Yes, I'm cleaning out my wardrobes. Shoes, clothes, accessories, old sports uniforms(including calisthenics outfits HAHAHA), old chef uniforms and aprons... the works. Even the unworn sexy underwear that I bought to fit into...eventually. Ex-clubbing outfits. I don't know where I thought I'd ever wear THOSE again! LOL

So many clothes that I hung onto during my last clean out about 9 weeks ago. Some due to the memories associated with them, others to the hope I'd wear them again. Some just because of what I went through to purchase them in the first place. Some because they were recent purchases.

Gone. Most of them gone. I've kept some that I know I'll wear again. (And a very few that that I'm just not quite ready to give up. Who knows, in another nine weeks, I might be!)

This is fun! Next, will be the kitchen.

I'm finding moving house to be liberating, in so many ways.

P.S. When did you last clean out the detrius? LOL


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brain Huuuuurts!

Second draft of my story Water Baby is done! Phew! Time to rest for a day or two, then onto the third, and possibly final draft.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Working Woman.

Here I am, five months into 2007, and I'm actually looking forward to summer.

Yes, you read that correctly. Lily-white-arsed and freckle-faced me is actually anticipating the hot and sweaty months of the year. This astonishing fact was discovered last night at the end of my workout. There I stood, feeling the sweat cling to the nape of my neck, my pulse pounding in my temples, glugging some water as I prepared to do the cool down. I looked across to the air conditioner as I went to turn it off--else I get too chilled--and stopped. Shocked and stunned, I was.

It was as hot as a mid-summer day yesterday, and so Alaskaboy had turned the air con on before starting to exercise. Not an hour beforehand like we've done in the past but right as we started, so I assumed that was the reason I was feeling so hot. Nope. Instead of the 63F/17C I was expecting to see, he'd only turned the thermostat to 69F/21C.

Now, that difference may not seem like a large one, but it is when you take into account that last summer I wouldn't exercise unless the room was at 63F/17C before starting. I physically couldn't exercise if it was hotter. I felt faint and ill. And this was exercising at a much lower intensity than what I'd just completed.

That's when it hit me. I'm in for a new experience this summer in regards to exercise and my health. All this maintenance work is starting to pay off.

The last five months I've maintained my weight, more or less. I'm up and down within the same 5 lbs range. Just about every weight loss organisation out there allows up to six lbs in fluctuations for their “graduates” before they lose their coveted status of successful dieter. So, I'm figuring that what I've been doing so far this year is healthy. For the previous six years, from January to May, I'd gained at least 10-15lbs each and every year. Yes, that's right. That's what dieting got me. A gradual, 60lb/28kg, upwards swing in weight and a sharp decrease in fitness. So far this year I've maintained my 13-15lb weight loss from last year. More importantly, I've maintained my level of fitness.

This summer, I'm fitter than the year before. This summer, I'm eating food that I want to eat. This summer, exercise is not a chore but an enjoyable event. This summer the heat is not as exhausting. Yes, it's hot, but I'm not stifled under as much fear-caused fat. I have shorts and singlets to wear, and as long as I slather on the sunscreen, I have no qualms about wearing them.

I've been maintaining, without having to consciously work at it. And I'm getting the feeling that my body is about ready to move onto the next level. I'm not bemoaning how thin or healthy I used to be and I'm certainly not held captive by negativity like I was last year. I've accepted myself as I am, right here and right now. Every time I've done that so far in the last 10 months, my body has seen that self respect and raised it. (Gambling metaphor? I believe that's a first!)

Knowing this doesn't fill me with anticipation of losing weight like it used to. Sure, that'd be nice. But, only because it means I've released more of my need for that physical shield. And as we've all seen, less shield means more confidence and more enjoyment on every level.

It feels AWESOME to be looking forward to summer with excitement rather than trepidation! I don't know if I am capable of conveying just how good it feels. Although, maybe I don't have to. I'm sure there are those of you out there who know exactly what I'm talking about. That incredibly light and warm sensation in the middle of my soul where nothing but icy dread and caustic self hatred used to dwell. The shackles are off, and I'm eager to ferret out the rest of what negativity there is to find; feel it; accept it; and then free it and myself. Gone is my need to be afraid, here to stay is my need for love and acceptance.

I guess my maintenance worker is hanging up her hat for now; and donning her hard hat in preparation for some construction. Ooh, and lookit that, gardening gloves as well. She's a multi-tasker. What a woman!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The sound of one voice babbling.

Okay. I've put a whole bunch of comfy chairs in my virtual lounge room. There's drinks and snacks, and background music playing.

Don't be shy. Sit down, get comfortable, then tell me a bit about yourself. And feel free to ask me any questions you've been wanting to know. Or tell me something. Whatever.
This is your opportunity to interact with me, without me choosing the subject matter.

Talk to me people. I'm sick of the sound of my own voice for now. Let's have a conversation!

ETA: Comments are moderated to prevent those meat-in-a-can-loving under-bridge-dweller's comments we all know and love so well!


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Control Top Pantry.

Since we found out at the start of April that we'd be moving I've changed my shopping habits.
As most of you know, when moving house, the food, (said in my best Con-the-fruiterer voice!) she is a problem.

It's a fine line to balance healthy meals, ensuring there's minimal to move on the day, and as little spoilage as possible. In regards to this, I've been buying a lot less food. Not just less in volume, but less in variety. I've been cooking less volume too. There's usually only a night or two of leftovers instead of enough left for several nights worth to put in the the large deep freezer.

And I've come to the conclusion that I don't like this. Not because I'm feeling the lack of food in the house. I've enjoyed the challenge of learning to cook with minimal leftovers. I've enjoyed unearthing food from the freezer to cook as well as disposing of all the things that were out of date.
I've moved beyond the need to surround myself with food to feel safe. I know there will always be more, I've grown beyond the step of needing large amounts of food. My body understands that, if I have a choice in the matter, I'll never deprive it again.. My dislike is because I was passing up foods I wanted because they were only available in packaging sizes that we may not be able to eat in time to move.

We've been eating takeaway foods on the weekends as it's easier and saves time for packing boxes. And both of us are sick of it!

We have our own fridge that we'll be taking with us as well as the deep freeze. They sit in the front room. But out in the shared kitchen there's also another fridge; a large one with a small freezer in the top. Now, pantry goods are easy to box up and take with us, but it's the perishables I've been worried about. The guy out the back doesn't cook. The only thing he has in the fridge is some diet soda. We've been using it as an overflow fridge, with his permission.

Last night, I had a brilliant idea. (I'm a little ashamed it took me this long to think of it.) Why not buy everything as normal, but ensure there's enough on moving day to fit in the other fridge/freezer and no more. Then, it's a simple matter of using the large esky/cooler and taking the food over to the new place once we get the other fridge set up. It may take a couple of trips, but hey, no different to going shopping. And we can cook and eat what we want in the meantime.

This was such a huge relief for me. All of a sudden I wanted to cook again. Today I went out and did a normal shopping trip. Large bags of fruit and veggies, instead of only enough for a few days at a time. Fridge, freezer and pantry items. Our usual size containers of food. It felt so good to find another way to regain control of the situation, instead of continuing to let it control me.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Who's a silly sausage?

I weighed in at the end of last month, and I thought I'd be really pleased with the number on the scale. It showed a gain of a mere 1.5lbs or 700 grams.
I was pleased... for all of a few hours.

Then it hit me. I wasn't pleased with the number I saw on the scale. The actual number had nothing to do with the pleasure I was feeling.

The number on the scale lies you see. It said I've gained only a little. But what does that mean really? All the scales can tell me is the gross weight of my body. Just like I was a packet of sausages you'd buy at the butchers. It doesn't tell me my “nutritional breakdown” ie how much fat, lean meat, water, fillers etc are within my casing. But, unlike that packet of sausages, I'm more than the sum of my parts.

Scales (mine at least) don't show that I've lost muscle tone and gained some fat over the last four weeks. My clothes and the mirror show me that.

The scale doesn't tell me how I'm progressing with my healthy lifestyle. The amount of time I spend doing activities other than binge eating or obsessing about food are a better gauge of that.

A set of scales has no clue about how much improvement I've made in learning to deal with the situations in my life, and my emotions about them. My family, friends and myself are the reflection of my emotional balance.

No, the pleasure I was feeling had nothing to do with the number I saw on the scales. It had everything to do with my lack of attachment to the aforementioned number. My pleasure was for the pride that I felt, because I am no longer controlled by my fear of what that number will say about me. That number doesn't dictate my actions. It doesn't dictate my moods.

That number is not the boss of me. I am.

There are times I choose to eat a little more than necessary, because I like the food I'm eating so much.
There are moments I choose to eat something, rather than deal with my emotions at that particular point in time. But, I do sit down eventually and deal with how I was feeling.

In the earlier half of the month I was cheating. I assumed that because I had acknowledged that I was scared, angry, fearful etc that I was done with those emotions. Acknowledging them isn't always enough. I have a full range of both positive and negative emotions. That's what makes me more than a sack of meat. And if I want to continue to be more than my organic compounds, I need to feel those emotions. Express them. Not hide behind an intellectual analysis of how I'm feeling.

Feel my emotions. Release them. Laughing, crying, shouting... these are all things that are easy to do when happy. But, to cry, shout, quiver, punch an inanimate object, or however you express yourself when angry, that's considered a lack of control.
Myself personally, I've come to consider it a better expression of control if those emotions can be expressed. Especially if it's in a constructive, rather than destructive way. Pressure needs to be released, else the system explodes. Many machines are built with safety valves in them. We have one too. Our emotions.

This month I've yelled at my husband, and he's yelled at me in turn. I've cried. I've thrown a ball against a wall, repeatedly. I've punched a pillow. I've cried some more. I've screamed wordlessly. I've laughed. I've hugged. I've tossed and turned. I've had really weird dreams. I've written things down, then erased them. I've talked to people. I've asked questions. I've taken my aggresion out on the food I was chopping.

I choose to let the steam out, rather than having it force its way out unexpectedly. Life is one continual change. I can choose how I react to that change. Do I turn to charcoal on one side because I refuse to move with events as they are? Or do I roll with the heat and end up cooked to perfection?

I like myself in one piece rather than exploded all over the place, thank ya verra much. Or overstuffed due to inattention. If I were a sausage, I've done the equivalent of sticking a fork in me before turning up the heat. Maybe I'm not such a silly saus' after all?


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another helping of stress.

Doctor's office called today and they want Alaskaboy to come back in next week to see the cardiologist. Apparently his heart is a little weak, so they want to do further tests.

That's all the info have for now.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

30 By 30 Challenge.

I don't know where we'll be moving to.
I don't know when we'll be moving, except that it has to be by the end of May.
I don't know when the repairs will be finished here.
I don't know if we'll be coming back when they are done.
I don't know if we'll ever be able to afford to buy a home.
I don't know if this story I'm submitting will be accepted.

So much uncertainty at the moment, and now I understand why moving house is always worth major points on those life stress and real age tests. Moving house is stressful!

I don't know a lot of things, but I do know that I'm in need of something.
Something that will make me feel good about myself.
Something that will give me a constructive outlet for my frustrations.
Something to provide relaxation and centering when necessary.
Something that I can do for myself.
Something that will give me back the healthy feeling instead of the current Blech.

So, I've decided that I've giving myself a 30 by 30 challenge.
30 weeks. Which is how long it could take for the us to be able to move back in here. (If we still want to of course. We may be perfectly happy where we end up moving to this month.)
30 minutes of exercise per day.

Not forty five, not an hour, only thirty.

Thirty minutes every day. Time to exercise. Time to breathe. Time to revel in the fitness of my body. Time to connect with myself. Time to stretch, to flow, to simply be. Time for my mind, body and spirit. 30 mins a day in which I can guarantee myself that I'm doing something to make my life healthier and happier.

30 minutes where I am full of certainty.

I don't care about the scales, I don't care about looking sexy.

I care about enjoying my life.
I enjoy the foods I'm eating.
I enjoy the confidence that comes from living my life.
I enjoy exercise.

So, the rest of the world can just back off, for half an hour every day.

My life. My choice. My time!