Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Outfit!

Well, it's taken me a month to have the time to take the photo, but here it is finally.

I am a less firm in the stomach and arms than I was a month ago, but I still like how I look in this outfit. In a word: Feminine.

In many words. Curves. I have my curves back. Hips, waist, breasts, thighs, cleavage. All the things that I used to loathe, but now I find that I love. They used to hide under all that fat, and now they're shyly making an appearance for the first time. No, not shyly, confidently!

I doubt the photo does the outfit justice, unfortunately, there wasn't much light available today. The skirt is a rich, chocolate colour with embroidery that matches the colour of the top. (And no, the top is not tight, it's just clingy.)
Every second panel there is a 2-3 inch split in the hem of the skirt. Flashes my calves as I walk. :) Shoes are suede, also a dark brown.

Okay, enough talk. I give you, the outfit!

2 Nibbles:

Marshmallow said...

Very noice!

lisa jane said...

I might pinch your skirt,this gal loves a good skirt :)