Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Auspicious April.

My goals for this month are kind of varied, but that's where I am at the moment, working on several different aspects of my life and health.

1. Weigh once only: on the last weekend of the month.
2. Complete first and second drafts of AoW short story.
3. Three sessions of yoga per week.
4. Attend intuitive eating group each week.
5. Write a blog post 5 days per week.
6. Six days out of every seven go to bed with dishes done.
7. Say my daily affirmations, daily.
8. Do eight different kinds of exercise over the month.
9. Write nine new chapters on SMNL and revise first nine chapters of Serenade.
10. Buy ten new items of clothing. (including runners)

4 Nibbles:

Wanna_B_slim said...

Good luck on doing all of those things...
Hmm i would bomb out straight away..only weighing in once a month...
blog 5 times a week..will look forward to that.

Marshmallow said...

Oh boy, I will definitely be looking forward to those five posts every week!


Best of luck on getting all of them things done!

Kada said...

LOL I'm trying to wean myself off the scales. I really don't like them and I figure weighing in once a month is enough of a measurestick for those who only see the scales as a guage of progress, without endangering my own sanity.

I'm figuring I'll eventually drop to once every six weeks, every two months, so on and so forth.

5 times a week, much more sensible than 5 times a day for a few days followed by great stretches of nothing. Wouldn't you agree?

Kada said...

LOL I just hope I have good stuff to say.