Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well, I've gone and done it now.

Friday I worked really hard spring cleaning the house. All up it was about 7 hours of hard house work over the course of the day, and by the end of it my back was very sore. Did some stretching and got a massage from Alaskaboy that night when he got home, after having an epsom salts bath and laying on an ice pack earlier in the evening.

The next day I hobbled around and did a short walk.

My streak is broken. My period this weekend was also a very draining one. I literally had no energy to do anything. Even after my back muscles recovered.

Yesterday I'd scheduled aerobics to do, but again, didn't have the energy to do it as I used all that up doing shopping, writing and some more housework.

Today I feel good enough to exercise again. I'm a bit bummed that the streak ended. I'd thought about doing extra exercise each day this week and then letting it add up to equal the days that I'd missed. But, that's cheating. I am going to continue counting my minutes of exercise over the time that the streak goes for. If these are the only days I miss in that time, and still average out to 45 mins exercise per day for the 16 weeks., then fantastic!

I feel bummed, but relieved. Not relieved that the streak is over, but satisfied that I know how to listen when my body demands rest. That I can have days where I miss exercising, but that I'll then get right back into it as soon as I'm ready.

This healthy stuff is for life. Not just for 4 months.

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