Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well, how about that.

Just got notice in the mail that the landlord is selling the house. Now, since we have a month to month rent agreement, I don't know where this leaves us if the premises are sold.
I may be worrying for nothing because the new owners may leave the already existing tenants here.

But oh shit, what if they don't? We like it here and are settled. There's a primary school nearby for when we have kids. I did send an email off to them seeking to find out what the asking price is, perhaps we'll be able to buy it.

Most especially don't know if our Aus trip will still be on for the end of the year.

Will keep yas update to the news as I find out more.

Please, keep your fingers crossed that whatever happens, it works out the best for us!

EDIT: It's the daughter buying the house from the mother. She said we'll have first option on the units they're building out the back. So, yes, we can stay until we're ready to leave!

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Amanda said...

Oh no! I hate things like that- just when things are all nice and cozy, someone throws a spanner (or a for sale sign) in the works. Hope you still get to have your Australia trip though!

LBTEPA said...

Fingers crossed for good news from the new owners!
BTW I noticed your comment about bras on Kathryns site (idiet). I used to have to run in 2 bras and then I bought an Enell sports bra and it's brilliant! your girls do not move at all. I don't work for them or anyhting - the bra just amde running so much better. They're pretty expensive, but I get mine on ebay. Good luck :)

Kada said...

Thanks Lbtepa!

I'll keep an eye out for them when I feel comfortable enough to run. (You're nott he first person I've heard rave about them, so rest assured I believe you when you say you don't work for them. LOL)