Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Two down, fourteen to go!

First, before I go any further, just lemme say, Raina, you're the bestest! (She's the one who designed the lovely ticker you see before you.)

Two weeks have just flown by, andI can't believe how easy the exercise is. Take a look at just what I've accomplished so far.


Start: 227 lbs / 103.2
Wk One: 224 lbs / 101.8
Wk Two: 222.5 lbs / 101.1 kgs


Day 1 - 45 mins Yoga
Day 2 - 15 mins Ab works. 30 mins Yoga.

Day 3 - 45 mins strength training. 20 mins yoga.
Day 4 - 20 mins Walk (1 mile). 30 mins Step Aerobics
Day 5 - 25 mins Yoga. 20 mins Upper Body Training.
Day 6 - 20 mins Yoga. 30 mins Step Aerobics.
Day 7 - 15 mins Yoga. 40 mins CrossTrain Aerobics

Week One Total: 355 mins / 315 mins

Day 8 - 40 mins Walk (2 miles). 20 mins Stretching.
Day 9 - 45 mins Yoga
Day 10 - 50 mins Strength Training
Day 11 - 30 mins Step Aerobics. 15 mins Stretching
Day 12 - 20 mins Yoga. 40 mins Walk (2 miles)
Day 13 - 25 mins Yoga. 50 mins Strength Training
Day 14 - 15 mins Yoga. 20 mins Walk (1 mile) 30 mins Step Aerobics

Week Two Total: 400 mins / 315 mins

Now, what I wanna know is, why is it so easy for me to get regular, aka daily, exercise in when I'm doing something like this streak, but when I'm not, it's so very difficult? I shouldn't have to need the little regular rewards to want to do it. The weird thing is, half the time I don't even HAVE the rewards. I still haven't gone and received my be all and end all goal from last time: the full body massage. Maybe that's to do with I just don't know where to go yet, but I haven't really been looking either. (once, I searched once people!)

So, what is it that's so motivating about this streak if I'm not even getting the rewards? Couldn't I just do regular exercise and buy/do whatever I want anyway? Probably, but that doesn't seem to work.
Is it the accountability from having to come on here and tell you all I've failed? Nah, cause in the past I've failed with the exact same accountability occurring.
Narcissism, so I can brag how great I am when I complete the streak? It's not that bragworthy sheesh!
Mind games I play with myself to keep me interested by abusing my competitive side? That hasn't worked in the past either.


No, it can't be habit, because when I'm not on a streak, I don't do it every day. The excuses pile up and I can't be arsed and start sliding backwards down the slippery path into slothville. Curse those sloths for building such a beautiful place to reside in!

For the first time I really don't have a good idea of why a thing works or how. And it's kinda bugging me. I know it shouldn't matter why it does, I should accept that it does and move on. But, I need to know. It's just in my nature. Why does this work so well? Anyone got any clues, cause I sure don't.

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Marshmallow said...

Perhaps its because your goals every week and every day are concrete and not ambiguous at all?

And I'm glad you like the ticker! :-D

Kada said...

That could be it.

But if it wasn't a habit after 12 weeks, will it ever become a habit?
That means I'd have to keep setting goals for the rest of my life!

Marshmallow said...

Adam tells me that 12 weeks is when people fall OFF the wagon, rather than start making it a habit. You're probably looking at 112 weeks rather than just 12! o_0

And hey, I've been on this weight loss thing for 40+ weeks, and its still not totally a habit for me; I still have to make plans and do compliance calculations and find that driving 'thing' that makes me want to keep it up.

Kada said...

LOL So much for the old saying that it only takes three weeks to form a new habit! Or is that only bad habits? ;)

4th of July weekend will be the end of the 52nd week for me. So {looks at calendar} that means I've been at this for approx 31 weeks now.

Hmmm... That means if I keep going I could very well get to my super secret goal from last year of being 40 lbs healthier by the time the next 4th of July rolled around.

Umm, did I say that aloud?

112 weeks! {gulp} Thassalot! I'm only a 1/4 of the way there.

Erin said...

Maybe following a "streak" plan makes it more of a game of sorts. Let's face it, doing things every single day that have not been a natural part of life is not exactly easy, and our brains do not associate the whole thing with FUN yet I think. It's just like I basically make cleaning house a game and I do it and don't hate it as much. Setting goals and rewarding yourself is just how life is done when you are not stagnating in my opinion. You would not question rewarding a child for learning to walk or color or sleep in a big bed, etc. Rewards are good!
Also, I think things only become habits if you have them setup as routines. That is sort of my goal, to get routines set up for working out at least and shopping/preparing food-then you are in habit territory!