Thursday, February 08, 2007

Suck it, Pool!

December 14th: I swam 1km in 40 mins and was elated.

Completely totally and utterly knackered, however.

February 7th: I swam 1km in 35 mins.

And felt good enough to keep going.

At 1.25 kms I was tired, but still had some gas in the tank.

At 1.3 kms I was a wee bit on the stuffed side of the equation... but 1.5kms was only 8 laps away! So I finished on a bang.

200m Individual Medley (With a ten second or so rest at each stroke change.)

1.5 kms completed in 60 mins! Woohoo! And I could shower afterwards without needing to take breaks or lean against the wall for support!

I'm definitely gonna be ready for the single leg triathlon at the end of this month... as Kath would say, "I can feel it in me waters."

6 Nibbles:

Erin said...

I wish I could visualize distances better, but regardless it's obvious you are making big time progress.
Kick ass!

Wanna_B_slim said...

You go girl... your determination will see you thru...

Marshmallow said...

Hey Kada, where are ya? Haven't heard from you on Push and Be Pushed, and your blog's been quiet for a while (well, by Kada standards!) Hope all is going good!

Kada said...

Oh yeah, I'm kicking ass allright! My own! lol

Kada said...

Determination and a refusal to be held back from my full potential any longer! You betcha, Nannette.

Kada said...

Sorry to worry you, Raina. But this was something I couldn't talk about until today. Today's post actually took me many hours to write over two days.
Hard to write because if I wrote down everything, then it'd be a novella! I also had to fight my innate honesty with my need to protect not only my privacy, but that of the other's involved. Not gonna get sued for libel thank ya very much!

Best thing? I kept up with my streak!