Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ohhhhh, 214, where arrrre youuuuuu?

Update for the Feb Finished Fakin' competition.

Perky boobs, smaller belly, firmer belly, a visible waist, less fat rolls in the back, upper arms firmer, less double chin than I remember seeing in a long time, feeling hip bones, clothes too big that actually fit me a month ago.

All these and more are the signs of improvement.

Only problem is, I'm gaining muscle at a slightly faster rate than I'm losing the fat. So, each week that I get on the scales, I'm either maintaining, or weighing in heavier. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!

6 lbs heavier than I was at the start of the year, yet so much healthier and leaner.

Since it's highly unlikely I'll lose 12 lbs in three days. I won't be weighing in on the 27th of march. Sorry, Lost Wings.

So, in the spirit of trying to keep this fair, but also to keep from going insane if I have to step on the scales 8 times within the next month! I'm gonna play it as follows.

Kathryn's is the next guess for 3rd of March. Eight days from now. I'll weigh in then and see how I'm doing. If I'm not under 220 lbs, then I'll wait another 8 days until J.W's guess and try again. If still no go I'll try two weeks from then which is smack dab between Alaskaboy and Raina's guesses. Then the 2nd or 3rd of april. Still shit outta luck by that point and I think I'll be ready to cry! But there'll be one or two more weigh ins to see if it's closer to Amanda or Dr Kay.

If I'm not at 214 lbs by the 14th of April, then I guess Dr Kay wins by default, because any point after that, she's the closest to the eventual date I get to the required poundage. LOL

Sorry folks that this isn't that exciting. I am making progress, honest. Just not on the damn scales! Here's hoping it starts to move in the next week or so to at least make this a bit more fun for yas. (I LOOK like I weigh about 215, but the scales don't agree.)

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Amanda said...

meh. You feel and look better, that's what really counts. Stupid numbers can do whatever they like, we know they're full of sh*t.

Kada said...