Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lunch, - brought to you by Nannette and Lisa Jane.

This morning I was kinda peckish but had no idea what I wanted. Nothing in the house interested me. Was replying to a couple of posts where a certain someone had mentioned hummus and corn chips and THAT was what I wanted for lunch. Then another certain someone mentioned glorious salads....

I had to go to whole foods to do some shopping today anyway, so I figured I may as well get some hummus and chips, plus some yummy salads whilst there.

Get this, I went shopping without having breakfast first. By the time I got there I was starverated, but I went through the shop and got only what I'd planned to buy. Well, okay, plus an extra jar of zucchini spread that I hadn't seen before that looked nice and some grana padano cheese that I remembered we needed, but they're sensible things! Then, I sat out in the car and ate some of the salad to tide me over till I got home.

When I got home I sat down and enjoyed every mouthful!

That has never happened before! Usually if I go shopping when hungry I make all kinds of impulse buys, e.g. I'll get some chocolate or a juice or chai or some other kind of snack to get me through till lunch. Or I'd eat breakfast before going (not what I was hankering for) and then not enjoy the lunch as much because I was no longer hungry.

What's happening to me? lol Whatever it is, I like it!

4 Nibbles:

lisa jane said...

could it be???? another Intuitive eating blog????
wonders never bloody cease.WOO HOOO.Ive gotto go browse your archives now,fantastic though,just fantastic.

Kada said...


Yeah, you sprung me. LOL Struggled with accepting that it was okay to be an intuitive eater for years, but now, I'm out and I'm proud! ;)

kathrynoh said...

well done. There is nothing worse than filling up on something crap because you are waiting to eat the food you want.

Kada said...

yeah there is... thinking something is healthy for you and finding out it's not so crash hot for your body.