Saturday, February 03, 2007

Healthy? My arse!

Now, since moving here I've had a hard time finding a non-sweet cereal that wasn't all-bran or porridge. Even the raisin/sultana bran has frosted fruit in it! When I saw the box of Fiber One Cereal, I was ecstatic. An oat bran-ey cereal that looked like it'd be fabulous with some sliced banana in it. I didn't stop to read the ingredients figuring that since it was endorsed by the Diabetes Association it had to be good for me, right?

And, it tasted good for me too.

Except, I couldn't eat much of it because it was so filling.

And today I realised why it's taken me many months to eat even the one box, despite liking the flavour a lot.

After my fairly low carb lunch I was wanting a carbilicious cerealy type snack so I went with the Fiber One and a banana. Being hungrier than usual since I wasn't having anything else with it like toast or whatever, I went with a double portion and took my time enjoying it. Not long before finishing eating it I had a monstrous headache. Returning earlier from whole foods and eating a fantastic lunch, and only yesterday having read this article,(careful it's a long 'un) I finally read the ingredients on this so called healthy cereal. Included within it's crunchy tasty confines were some so not wholesome things like guar gum and cellulose gum and... an artificial sweetner. Specifically aspartame.


Ok, I can see why the diabetes folks would love it since it's lower in calories through the reduction of sugar in the product due to the aspartame. But what about us poor bastards who can't eat that stuff and get a HEADACHE every single time we ingest the crap? HUH! What about us? I guess we have to read every bloody label, even of things that APPEAR to be healthy, in case they're yanking our chains once again.

The low grade headaches I was getting every day after I'd eat the cereal I was blaming on a plethora of other things, never thinking that the HEALTHY cereal would be the one doing me in. I guess the other times the dose was small enough so that it popped up later in the day whereas this time it was there before I even finished the bowl.

And here I am out a tasty breakfast cereal.

Excuse me while I go lay down and beg for the headache to be over and done with!

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lisa jane said...

im going off to check my cereal now, I love it,its delicious, but it snuck its way into my trolley this week coz special k was more expensive,and I didnt really look too closely at the nutri panel.

gosh i hope its ok,it kinda freaks me out when i read a lable and find 500 weird ingredients in there.

For example just lately, ive been making my own pesto, basil,olive oil, seed mix, deli cheese ,salt,pepper,water.Thats it.I found a half empty jar of basil pesto in the fridge this morning,decided to check the panel to see what is in the store bought stuff.


It really made my tummy churn,i hardly even know what half the ingredients are!!!!!!!!!!

suffice to say we wont be buying any more jar stuff,i like mine better anyway,its fab.

Marshmallow said...

I've almost given up on cereal that isn't Sultana Bran or All Bran - I pretty much eat porridge or buy a no-fruit muesli and then get my own dried fruit and nuts and chuck them in as I please. But DAMN, aspartame in CEREAL? That really disturbs me O_O

kathrynoh said...

Artifical sweetner causes headaches? That could explain a lot. I'm going to experiment with that.

The US is insane for cereal, isn't it. I remember being there on hols with my son when he was young and not being able to find a cereal that wasn't crap. You might as well buy candy and be done with it!

Kada said...

Yup, it's always disappointing to find out something you thought was Healthy, is not as good for you as you'd thought. I do believe that one part of my weight gain since coming here has been adjusting to the american food products. A lot of which have high fructose corn syrup in them in place of natural cane sugar. (They grow far more corn than they really know what to do with and the cane sugar is far more expensive - dollar wise.)

Mmmm home made pesto. Have you got the recipe, and if so would you mind sharing? I've yet to find a good one, am always willing ot try new ones in hopes of finding one I like.

I'm glad I have the luxury of being home to cook my meals, I don't know how full timer workers/parents who lose weight do it, to be honest. They deserve a medal for sure!

Kada said...

I love Sultana Bran, Raina. I especially love Sustain and Just Right. For me to get them there though I have to pay through the nose via an online company.
The American equivilant to Sultana Bran is Raisin Bran. Raisin Bran has dark grapes that have been dried and then frosted with that white sugary coating the Americans seem to adore. (well okay that the cereal company thinks should be on there, you know like on Frosted Flakes.)

Ooooh, idea! Maybe I should just buy plan old bran flakes from the health food store and add my own golden raisins (what they call sultanas here) to it?

Yeah, aspartame should NOT be in cereal, at least not without mroe of a warning than teeny tiny print in the ingredients label.

Kada said...

You are so right, Kathryn! It's insane the amount of sugary stuff in the cereal aisle. Even the stuff you'd expect to be healthy is not.

Take for example Graham Crackers. I'm pretty sure the founder of those would be turning over in his grave for what they've done to his product. Healthy whole grain sweet crackers that now are nothing more than refined and artificial crap.

seven grain bread? or multi-grain bread? Not any grains.. just seven different kinds of flour! Where's the roughage in that?

Grrr. Sorry don't mean to rant, it just frustrated me no end coming from having a Baker's Delight down the road where I could buy lovely multigrain bread or as a treat cape seed loaf.. to having to hunt high and low to find something even remotely resembling your tip top multigrain bread.. and then you're paying health food store prices for it!

Oh, nad yes, artificial sweetners ar known for causing headaches and higher blood pressure.. if you have a sensitivity to them, which both me and my husband do. Might be worth testing to see if you do or not. Although it will make your diet a little harder to juggle won'tit, because of the diabetes?