Monday, February 05, 2007

Day 12 Streak Update

Start Date: Wednesday 24th January

Finish Date: Tuesday 15th May

Start Clothing size: US18W.
Day 12: US 16W

Start Weight: 227 lbs
Day 12: 222.5 lbs

Start BMI: 40

Day 12: 39.4

OK, it's been a couple of months since I posted any progress photos here. Mainly because, well, there hasn't been much, until now.

By the way, the shorts and the skirt fit beautifully in time for Christmas day. :)

But, in January I yo-yoed back up to 228.5 lbs and the cargo pants no longer fit me at all.

A week ago, I was still so bloated that the pants didn't fit.

Today, I could juuuust get them done up.

The thing is, I'm back down to 222.5 lbs and the bloating is all gone. But, the pants don't fit like they did before.
Because my shape is changing.

My hips are slimmer, so's my bum, legs.. well everywhere to be honest. Even my forehead and cheeks!
The "problem" is that, as I'm getting healthier, gaining more muscle mass and the fat is disappearing from my body, certain parts are firming up. My belly is the main culprit of this. The skin is firmer and there is a whole bunch less fat, so it doesn't hang anywhere near as far down as it used to, even a month ago it was lower than this despite me being 3 lbs lighter than I am now!

This may be Too Much Info for some people, if so skip the next paragraph.

The last time I took photos, the lower belly was loose and squishy enough that I could tuck the skin and fat down into the part of the pants below where the zip starts. Hence the bits behind the zip being slimmer, I could zip it up no problems. Less fat, but looser skin you see. Now... the belly juts out high and proud! Despite the fact that there's even less fat than before, the skin is firmer and there's no squishing it down at all. How do I know there's less fat in there? Because it doesn't all feel like one solid mass any more. I can discern individual little globules of fat when I poke at it. Kinda like cottage cheese as opposed to bocconcini. LOL Does any of that make any sense?

So, the pants don't zip as well, but I don't care, I can tell other progress is occurring. I've also included some shots of me in bike shorts now. Will be taking those once a month so as to show any subtle nuances that street clothing could miss.

Oh and speaking of high and proud, my boobs aren't squished into the crop top any more so there's definitetly a more natural shape to them too!

Anyway, enough blather, the photos can be seen by clicking through the visual progress link over on the task bar.

P.S. The upper belly looks a bit bigger and firmer, but that's because I finished eating a fairly large lunch just before having these photos taken. In the photos from December, like most of the preceding photos, I'd taken them first thing in the morning. That's after eliminating morning wastes and fasting for 8 or more hours because I'd been asleep. I will continue that trend from now on since from these photos it's patently obvious what a huge difference a meal can make. An unfair and inaccurate difference! So, back to keeping as many constants as possible. Will probably take the bike shorts photos against the white door from now on as in the blue jeans photos, they just don't show up well enough against the couch.

So, yeah, some progress has been made. Looking forward to the next shots now.

4 Nibbles:

lisa jane said...

You crack me up!!! what detailed descriptions you give ;)

Im very lazy when it comes to progress shots,I cant be assed taking measurements and stuff.:(

So I don't really notice unless there has been a big change.

Kada said...

{grin} Sorry it's the write in me. And having to do cross cultural explaining, have learned it's better to overexplain than assume they know what I'm yakking on about. ;)

Yeah, I was gonna do measurements, and then I thought screw it! I already have my measurements from December. Once I've got below the weight I ws then and can actually see some progress from what's already been happening, then I'll give a measure... Photos are more fun and gratifying anyway!

Erin said...

I can definitely see the difference in firmness you mentioned, you are doing great! As a teenager doing the terrible Atk!ns diet with my mother I could not understand how my clothes would be looser and yet measurements would not change, that just made no logical sense to me. Now I get it, more about density than inches I think.

Kada said...

Yup! More muscle = higher density, but less mass. (I think those are the right words, science is not my strong point) So you are heavier, but actually smaller than someone with a higher fat percantage than you of the same weight. Bone structure also has a lot to do with it. Look at Marshy, she's got an asian heritage and knows she suffers on those stupid BMI charts because of it.

As a teenager all I saw was that I was close to ten lbs heavier than all the other girls. {shakes head at younger self}