Monday, January 15, 2007

Wee, wee, wee ... all the way to the docs.

I didn't end up doing any exercise Friday before leaving for home like I'd planned, instead I napped for several hours whilst Alaskaboy packed the bags. And yesterday afternoon after getting back from our first lot of grocery shopping I wanted to do nothing but stay on the couch and munch on junk food and watch movies or talk on the phone... also, I'd mysteriously gained 5 lbs in less than 24 hours. A lot, even for when I've flown the day previously.

A good explanation for those symptoms would be the fact that I've got a bladder infection. Yum, yum! Haven't had one up quite that far before, so would explain why I didn't recognise the symptoms. There wasn't the usual tell-tale needtopeeneedtopeeNEEDTOPEE {drippetydrip} Whyyoulittle!, more like a need to pee more often than usual {normal amount of pee followed by a slight throbbiness up near bladder that went away really quick} Hmm, that's odd?

But, yeah, don't feel as confused any longer as to why I'm resting and feeling muncheriffic despite have sound sleeps all week. I was horrified when my blood pressure said 128/87 as it's normally 110/70, but apparently it's normal for your blood pressure to go up when you're fighting off stuff, learned something new today. Got some antibiotics and a urinary analgesic and feeling much better as of this afternoon. Yay medicine! I remarked to Alaskaboy on the way home from the doctors that I'd been going to say to him this morning, how nice it was to have finally had a holiday away where I didn't get sick or hurt myself in some fashion . . .

Ahh well, c'est la vie.

Our vacation was fabulous. Spent most of the time at our friend's place talking and spending time with her. Other nights we went and visited her sister and family, other friends, and also went away for a night to Kansas, coming home the long way via Missouri and Iowa. It was also very interesting getting to visit our friend at work and see her perform surgery on a patient. (she's a vet.) Thanks to her I've discovered the joys of exercising in scrubs. I then proceeded to buy several pairs from a cheapie department store that I'm embarrassed to have shopped at, especially since I loathe their undercutting of local businesses. But, in this instance, I caved to the cheap prices and splurged. Now I have nice warm exercise gear for when it's winter and too cold for my bike pants and crop top, yet thin enough that I don't get too hot.

{giggle} Sorry, got distracted there for a moment. Alaskaboy is saying the funniest things to the t.v. as he's playing DDR. Where was I? Trip report, that's it.

The two weeks went super fast, as it always does when we're having a good time. It wasn't until we were on the way to the airport that we realised we hadn't even been into the CBD/Downtown area of our friend's city. Oh well. Next time we'll do more touristy stuff I guess. This trip was all about hanging out and spending time together. Oooh, and introducing Alaskaboy to Red Dwarf. He liked it, woohoo! We got to see the first three seasons, so now we have to try and find somewhere to get the rest from, once we do, I'm pretty sure what we'll be getting each other for birthdays/Christmas this year. LOL

Am missing our friend and the doggies (hers and her sister's both), and will really feel the post-holiday blues I'm sure tomorrow when Alaskaboy goes back to work. Hoping the constant peeing and blah feeling is gone so I can get back to my work and exercise schedule to help fight the blues. Hooray for endorphins and constructive brain activity, which should also help with not dwelling overly much upon my great-aunts death. Not to say I'm ignoring it or repressing my grief, but dealing with it in a healthy fashion rather than wallowing.

Back again. My sister-in-law called, so I've been gabbing with her for the last half an hour. Funny, her reaction to the news of my most recent doctor's visit was the same as another friend of mine's, "Again?!" LOL Anyone'd think I get at least one every year or something. {wink} I am bummed about this UTI in particular, since I'd planned on going for a nice long walk this afternoon, but I know I should rest, so I didn't go. Alaskaboy offered to accompany me on a stroll, but I really didn't even feel up to that. To be honest if I didn't have to stay awake for at least another hour before being able to take my next tablet, I'd be in bed already. Here's hoping I feel good enough to do some exercise tomorrow. But if not, don't worry I won't push it. Rest and Recuperation is just as important for health as exercise.

I'd had a whole bunch of other stuff to talk about, but really can't remember what it was any longer. (This less-than-stellar post has taken three hours to compose.) So, instead of further blathering I'm heading off to have some soup and curl up on the couch, or maybe check out some blogs. I have been lurking, just haven't felt up to posting the last few days.

4 Nibbles:

Elizabeth said...

You are SO BRAVE. You SO ROCK!

I've taken a look through the blog and the pictures and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW you go, girl!

It must feel endless some days, and hard to commit to the baby steps. But you're looking great, and I'm in awe of your determination. KEEP IT UP!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Ouch!!! I can only imagine what that must feel like....
Hope the drugs knock it on the head and you feel much better real soon...
Hugs Nannette

Kada said...

I'm going, I'm going. :)
One eensy-weensy baby step at a time.

Hi Elizabeth, so glad you stopped by and took the time to not only read, but comment as well. Thanks, and welcome to my humble abode!

Kada said...

Feels like the drugs have knocked me on the head, Nanette, been kinda hyper all night. Hope it settles down soon, need sleep!

{hugs} Me, too! I've got exercising to be doing. LOL