Friday, January 12, 2007

Time to go home already?

These last two weeks really have disappeared quite quickly, that's to be expected when you're busy having a good time though. Most of the time was spent here in Nebraska hanging out with our friend, and visiting some other people nearby. Last weekend we did cover three states in two days and I think we're all still recovering from the long hours in the car and all the restaurant eating. Since we've got one of Alaskaboy's college friends and his girlfriend coming over for dinner tonight, have got the last half of The Mikado to watch after they go home, and we fly home tomorrow, I'm going to do my holiday progress report a day earlier than planned. Tomorrow morning is for getting last minute exercise and packing in, so I won't have much time to get online.

My main goals this holiday, apart from have fun, have been: Lose weight, gain fitness, eat intuitively, and get enough sleep.

I started the holiday at 222.5 lbs / 101.1 kgs
This morning I weighed in at 220 lbs / 100 kgs*

Before we came I was unable to use a four inch high step for aerobics I can now complete at least ten minutes using the 4 inch step.

Strength training - plain font = prior to holiday, bolded = current:

Pushups: 20
/ 30

Pecs: 2.5 lbs / 4 lbs

Triceps and Traps: 3 lbs /
4 lbs

Biceps: 5 lbs / 6 lbs

Squats: 5 lbs / 6 lbs

Deltoids (mil press and upright row): 1/2 lbs / 1 lbs

Quads, Glutes, Hammies: 3 lbs / 4 lbs

I'm surprised at how well I've done with the eating. Even after my great aunt died this week, I've still kept it together fairly well. At a little more for each meal the last two days than I normally would, and didn't exercise, but I believe that a girl's allowed a little break from healthiness when grieving. Today, the initial flush of grief is gone, so I can pick up the pieces a little and am eating healthier and did do exercise. Being busy is also helping take my mind off the fact that the funeral is today. I'm figuring that once we get back home and Alaskaboy has gone back to work, I'll have some private time to deal with my feelings. Must ensure that I keep dealing with the emotions though, not lock them away or sublimate them in food like I did when great uncle died last year.

Sleep. This one has suprised me the most! I've averaged about 7 hours sleep whilst we've been here, and I've been absolutely fine with it. Even the mornings I've tried to sleep in, I've been awake again much sooner than I thought I would be, and more aware much quicker than usual. I've also had more stamina for the long hours of talking and staying up late.

I guess my quality of life really has improved now that I'm a little fitter. Just thinking of all those holidays I wasted on being a misery guts makes me so angry! But, also glad that I'm now a much happier and healthy person.

Next post should be from home.

Hope everyone's having a good week?

*Earlier this week I saw 219.5 lbs / 99.7 kgs.
Since it's not my own scale, and especially since I'm back up to 220lbs this morning, I'm not going to count it. It does however give me hope for being under triple digits before the end of January. Yippee!

2 Nibbles:

Amanda said...

You've done so well to achieve what you have while on holiday. Don't be too hard on yourself for the time you've spent not so active since you found out about your great aunt.

Hope everything goes according to plan when you get home!

Kada said...

Wellll, didn't go as much according to plan as I'd hoped. I have a bladder infection. D'oh!