Tuesday, January 23, 2007

That explains everytink, dahhhlinks!

I'd miscounted on the calendar. I thought I had until the end of the week, but PMS is in full flight at the moment. Definitely explains the blahness and the added insanity with my eating this last couple of days. If I had have counted properly I would have started taking B6 several days ago, not just this morning!

Grrrr! The UTI made me lose a week in my time sense. Buggerit I say!

The general malaise I've been feeling, plus the gorging on chocolate, cheese, meat, and carbs used to happen every four weeks without fail. Add in emotional swings that beat Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde hands down, and you can see why I'm usually so careful about keeping track.
At least this explains why my hand and mouth worked in concert to completely ignore everything my brain was telling them they should be eating today.

Wasn't feeling guilty or anything, just really confused as to why I was feeling so awful. So much more awful than what I would have expected to feel at this point in time. I know how motivated I was the other week for the New Moon challenge, and then diddlysquat! Well, confusion cleared and now I just gotta go into damage control to limit the amount of emotional backlash.

Perhaps it is the safest thing I've been doing, reading and eating. At least that way all I'm doing is making myself feel nauseous, I'm not spouting off utter tripe to anyone.

Sorry not too coherent tonight.

And yes the previous post to this still stands. I truly am keen on doing another streak, found that highly motivating last year. So ideas would be much appreciated!

2 Nibbles:

kathrynoh said...

Damn PMS... it really mess with ya!

I'd love to meet up with you while you're in Melbourne. That would rock :)

Kada said...

Aye it does. If I hadn't discovered how well b6 works for me, I doubt whether we'd be still married. Certainly not as happily, that's for sure!

Lol We could have a Kada's comin' to town bolg party or something. ;) But, umm, I don't think I'll be up for a jog around Princes Park. A walk for sure, but not a jog. These boobs were not made for jogging!