Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sixteen Week Streak!

16 weeks. Minimum of 45 minutes exercise per day. Can she do it?

Start Date: Wednesday 24th January

Finish Date: Tuesday 15th May

Start Clothing size US18W fits comfortably again. (sigh, stupid bloating!)

Initial goal clothing: Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans US size 14.(Aus 18)

Start Weight: 227 lbs

Start BMI: 40

Start Measurements (will do if Alaskaboy has time tonight, if not, on the weekend!)

28 Jan Day Five Reward: Foot massage from Alaskaboy

2 Feb Day Ten Reward: Picnic with Alaskaboy

6 Feb Wk Two Reward: My own set of ten lb adjustable leg weights

13 Feb Wk Three Reward: Buy a book

20 Feb Wk Four Reward: Alaskaboy cooks for a whole day

27 Feb Wk Five Reward: Make a pineapple cheesecake

6 Mar Wk Six Reward: Get a hair cut

13 Mar Wk Seven Reward: Dinner with friends.

20 Mar Wk Eight Reward: A new workout DVD

27 Mar Wk Nine Reward: Pamper day

3 Apr Wk Ten Reward: Manicure/Pedicure

10 Apr Wk Eleven Reward: Buy a book

17 Apr Wk Twelve Reward: Take a day trip somewhere with Alaskaboy

24 Apr Wk Thirteen Reward: New lingerie ROWR!

1 May Wk Fourteen Reward: Rollerblading or biking at the beach.

8 May Wk Fifteen Reward: Full body massage from Alaskaboy

15 May Wk Sixteen Reward: Dinner at Restaurant of my choice for our anniversary this year.

End Rewards: Initial reward: Buy a summer dress. Real Rewards(on Australia trip): Be allowed to go to Hanging Rock with family. Be allowed to see any of my friends.

The thing with Hanging Rock is I keep meaning to take Alaskaboy there every time we go to Australia. That, and Sovereign Hill. And so far we've yet to go! I've also yet to make it all the way to the top the dozens of times I've been there. I've made it all the way up the stair, up the next lot of incline to the big resting area that overlooks the race track, but there I always stopped. I never continued around to the left up the next bit of incline. Had too much fun clambering in amongst the rocks to be bothered going to the top. (Other more recent times I only just made it up the stairs and had to stop.) Now, my aunt and uncle live near there, so I'll just stay at their place whilst the rest of everyone trips off to have a great day there. I so want to see Alaskaboy and my in-laws as they climb that rock, or even see it, (wonder if you can still stop and do the car running back up the hill thing on Straws Ln?) probably not.

Oh, and if I don't complete this streak, due to anything other than a dire medical emergency, then I can't see any of my friends. At ALL! If I complete it, I can see as many as I can fit in on the trip. LOL

How's them apples for motivation or what?!

OOOh, wonder if I should show the the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock before, or after? ;)

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Marshmallow said...

I love that list of rewards, Kada! Seeing that sort of thing makes me think, "WOW! You lucky thing!", forgetting the fact that you are going to be working hard to do 45 minutes of exercise every day.

Good on you! Best of luck :-D

Erin said...

I love your mini rewards and what a great final reward! Talk about motivation...
I've been trying to think of something to suggest like you asked but I am totally crap with that sort of thing, that is something I have sorely neglected in my own efforts-rewards!
You'll blast off that bloating and get back to business in no time.

Leighanne said...

What a great list!!
I live right near hanging rock, I should go more often too:)

Kada said...

Working hard is an understatment. LOL But, I'm definitely gonna make sure I don't overdo it like november last year, that was just too insane!

The good thing was that everything on there doesn't cost all that much. That was the tricky thing though. Thinking of non-costly things that I don't normally do to pamper myself anyway.
Who knows, I may even get Alaskaboy to do my man/ped treatment too, and give him one in return.

Kada said...

I'm usually crap too. Honestly, if I had my way, it'd be every week, buy new books. LOL

Thanks, I really am feeling better after that lovely yoga last night. Bloating has certainly gone down considerably. Ddragged my feet to do it though, didn't end up doing it till late at night. Almost failed on my first day! Sheesh.

Kada said...

My aunt and uncle live in Macedon, have done for many years. I did for awhile as wll, but it was too hard to commute to school in Melbourne, so we moved back to the city.

Love it up there.