Thursday, January 18, 2007

Six Days of Separation

Looking back at my exercise calendar today, I see that out of the first seventeen days of this month, I've exercised only eight of them. That's less than half. Fair enough I've been sick, but the exercise has not been taking place. No lovely endorphins floating around the system, no wonder I felt blech! The last time I actually exercised was six days ago! Six. That's disgraceful, necessary, but still disgraceful.

Good news is despite such a big break I haven't lost any of my fitness. I did 30 minutes of step aerobics this morning with my trusty plank and I completed the whole thing with no modifications whatsoever. None. I didn't even need the fan on! Big change from only five weeks ago, eh? I'm hoping to be regularly attempting the 4" plastic step by the end of this month.But, we shall see. One step at a time. Baby steps, baybee!

4 Nibbles:

kathrynoh said...

At least you're getting back into it - and it's a great sign that you haven't lost much fitness.

I hate planks!

Kada said...

I hate running, so we're even. :P

FAT BITCH said...

Hi Kada :)

From one baby-stepper to another, I say focus on the good news, hon, the GOOD NEWS! You may not be too happy with your exercising habits but well - as you can see by both Kathrynoh's comments and now mine, most of us who have to do it aren't!

All and all, compared to me, you are an exercise junkie. LOLOLOL ;)

Keep on moving that beautiful body and stop getting sick, ok Kada? :D

Kada said...

I really was focused on the negative there for awhile, wasn't I? Cheering along and supporting everyone else, but not myself. And that's just not on!

Yup, I was sad with seeing all that exercise I hadn't been doing, instead of being happy with how I was listening to my body and resting as it requested.

FB, I am moving my beautiful bod, and I'm loving it and myself again.