Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Moon, New Measurements

31 Day Challenge.

After successfully completing my 12 week streak I felt so much fitter and stronger. Not to mention the high I was on from all that exercise. I had a goal of 40 mins per day every day, but ended up with an hour a day (on average) for 12 weeks. Wow! This time I’m going to try a shorter, but more intense streak. Shorter because I’d like the option of being able to change to something different at the finish, or keep going, if I wish. More intense, well, because I want a challenge.

Since I’ve been mooning for weeks now over getting below 100kgs/220lbs, I figure I’ll use the new moon as my guide for reaching new measurements. ;)
New moon falls on the 18th of January this year, and Feb’s is on the 17th. So, from one new moon to the other, I’m going to average 90 minutes per day of exercise. Now, I say average, because that allows me to take rest days if I need them.

That’s 2790 minutes for the month total.

Can she do it? I hear you ask. She believes she can and is certainly going to give it her best shot.

To track my progress, I'll use a minutes ticker at the bottom of this page, take bodily measurements each week, and weigh each week also. I'm guessing a photo at the beginning and finish would also be good?

2 Nibbles:

Amanda said...

90 minutes! Thats huge. I know at the height of my gym activities, I probably could have been achieving that, so I have no doubt that you can too. Just make sure you take rests when you need them. Don't want you burning out any time soon!

Good luck :)

Kada said...

Yup, it is huge isn't it! I'm slightly nervous at the thought of it actually.

The rests, I'll definitely be taking those as often as I want them.
I figure even if I don't make the goal, at least I'll have given it my best shot, and so should subsequently be fitter than at the start of the challenge. ;)

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