Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's your journey, enjoy it unabashedly!

Hayley commented: “I thought I was over all that stuff, but obviously not. Only when I am able to confidently stand up no matter who i'm with and say "this is what my body wants and I will have it and offer no apologies" will I be free.”

Yup, one of the hardest things about eating the intuitive way, apart from dealing with your own inner stuff, is coping with other people's Opinions.

Now, I use a capital O for Opinions, because I'm referring to the commentaries from people who believe their own Opinion far outweighs any and all work you have done to date on your own weight loss journey.

You all know the people I'm talking about -- whatever words you choose to justify your reasonings and behaviours, they'll always have a huffy or disbelieving response in return.


You'd lose faster if you weren't eating so much

or you can't have that you're on a diet

or I lost a bazillion pounds in 6 weeks on this diet, you want hear more about it?

or if you love me you'd finish what was on your plate (plus variations on the theme)

or any number of speaking glances to portray their disgust at your methods

or telling you to get a life and stop obsessing about yourself and losing weight

or trying to feed you up out of jealousy

or flat out disbelieving that you can keep it up

or you should be doing (some other program) because that worked for them and if they did what you were doing they'd put on a bunch of weight


...and the list goes on.

We're all individuals. We all had different reasons and ways in which we became unhealthy, miserable, and dissatisfied with ourselves. It stands to reason that we'll all have different reasons and ways to regain our self esteem and good health.

Eating? Counting calories, low carb, intuitive eating, low G.I., vegan, pescetarian, or any other way of eating you can think of.

Progress checks? Weighing every day or once a blue moon, clothing sizes, ability to do things you couldn't before, etcetera.

Exercise? Aerobics, weight training, yoga, synchronised swimming, lawn bowls, rock climbing, meditation, walking. Twice a week, every day, regularly or irregularly.

Whatever lifestyle you choose to live that makes you healthy, happy and satisfied with who you are, go for it! And tell those Opinionated people to mind their own damn business. You don't need to justify anything in regards to your weight loss to anyone, not even yourself.

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kathrynoh said...

Last year one of my friends was trying to lose weight and it nearly killed me to shut up and not give her advice, but what can you do?

People have to do things their own way and all we can do is be supportive.

I'm lucky, I dont' have a lot of people who give me their opinions - and if I do, I cut them down with 'I'm diabetic and this is what I have to do'. So I guess my only struggle is with myself.

Kada said...

What are some of the ways you manage your diabetes?

Marshmallow said...

Hey Kada - this is a timely post since I got dished Opinions by a comment on one of my posts (as you know!)

I know that spending a few minutes every day and a few more minutes once a week preparing graphs is not everyones cup of tea, but I know it works for me - since I've DISCOVERED that it works for me, after much effort trying to make other people's ideals fit into my lifestyle.

Cheers for this post!

Kada said...

LOL Yeah, I was thinking of you when I wrote one of those examples. ;)

c2s Hayley said...

I like your last line "You don't need to justify anything in regards to your weight loss to anyone, NOT EVEN YOURSELF!!". I think I'M my biggest critic, putting words into my own head for what I think others will be thinking/saying.

Thx again for the bling moment.

Kada said...

I think everyone is their own harshest critic. We all have that insidious little voice inside our craniums. And yes mine tends to obsess over what others will think or say about me.
Have always felt that low self esteem is an arse backwards thing. You think you're worthless, but you're convinced everyone is thinking or talking about you all the bloody time, if you were so worthless, why would they be talking about you? LOL

Here's what I have to say to that little voice.

{gives it the finger}

Eloquent or wot?