Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Weekend!

After yesterday's Lint Harvest I feel fabulous! No, better make that, FAB-U-LOUS!

Woke up this morning, nibbled on a few nuts, did aerobics, and now am off to do grocery shopping and chores. (Will get lunch whilst we're out.) I do apologise if yesterday's post was too much waffle (or too honest) for some, but it was necessary for my own peace of mind and continuation on this healthy journey. After all, it's my blog and I'll boohoo if I want to! ;)

Another exciting thing was to see the reports of rain in Victoria. Not so exciting about the flooding, but the rain, glorious rain, that fell from the sky! Here's hoping a goodly bit of it made its way into catchment areas or wherever else it was also needed. (Out, damned fires! Out, I say!)

Hope you're all having a wonderful, healthy weekend!

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Marshmallow said...

You don't ever need to justify anything you write, Kada - its your blog, and you can do whatever the hell you want with it. In fact, thats what I like about each persons blog; its like a multi-layered slice of their personality :-D

kathrynoh said...

I think it's great to assure yourself like that. It's easy to bs ourselves and think we are living the way we want but sometimes we need to have a good hard look at ourselves. Maybe it's time I did that myself.

Kada said...

You're right, I shouldn't have to apologise. There are times apologies are necessary, but that wasn't one of them!
I wonder why I still have the need to apologise for being me?

Kada said...

It has helped me immensely.
Been a little down the last couple of days, but that's to be expected when feeling disappointed in yourself. (Plus post-holiday loneliness.)
I've let the emotional eating happen this weekend as it's something I knew that I needed. Both because of the lack of nutrition thanks to the bazillion litres of water I'd drunk since coming home, and I needed a little comforting.
Knowingly and actively participating in the comfort eating helped me to keep it from becoming a binge, and I feel better for that. Huge step forward!
Will be interesting to see how today goes!

Kada said...

Just did my food diary after that last comment, and I didn't eat anywhere near as much as what I'd thought I'd done. Binge averted indeedy. Woohoo!