Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Finished Fakin' Contest

Feeling Competitive? Then get your thinking caps on!

Currently I'm sitting at 224 lbs or 101.8 kgs. As you all know I've been wrestling with 220 lbs or 100 kgs for a very long time now. And I don't know about you lot, but I'm sick of it. Sure I'm a boatload healthier and fitter, but I want that stupid number to be gone from my sight forevermore! Not only that, I want to decidedly blow the smegger out of the water!

My mini-goal is to weigh 214 lbs / 97.2 kgs.

Now, based on my past experience I may or may not get there by the end of February, but I am bound and determined to get there by the end of the 16 week streak so help me, or I don't know what I'll do! Gnaw off my own leg in frustration, maybe? Shave my head bald if I'm only half a lb higher? Well, okay, maybe not, but you get the idea about how frustrated I am that even with all the progress I'm making in other areas, the scales just refuse to budge.

{whisper} All right, they budged. I saw 219.5/99.7 during this month and then ran away screaming like a little coward. But, that's beside the point! {/whisper}

So, in the spirit of refusing to continue to fake it because I REALLY wanna make it, I'm having a competition.

1) Pick the date you think it most likely that I'll achieve my mini-goal.
2) You have until Midnight on Wednesday 7th February* to reply to this post with your guess.
3) You have one guess and one guess only.

What does the winner get? Well, apart from the satisfaction of helping me get beyond this stumbling block, (I know they'll be SO proud of that! LOL) they'll receive:
- Recipes for a three course, healthy but luscious, meal of my own recipes. (daily menu if preferred)
- Plus a poem written by yours truly about the winner.
- Plus an exercise DVD of your choice ($30US value or less please.)

Now, the winner is the one that picks the date closest to when I actually achieve the mini-goal. If there is more than one winner, you can divide the prize amongst yourselves, or I'll think of something else, depending on finances at the time.

So, um, yeah, that's the contest. Start guessing!

*Comments on this post will be turned off at that point. And that is US PacificStandardTime. If you're not sure what time that is in your own timezone, please leave your country and state/territory/province in the comment as well and I'll edit the timezone into this post as well. (Am assuming I don't need to put in other American timezones?)

Midnight Feb 7th PST is:
7pm Feb 8th Melbourne.
6 pm Feb 8th Brisbane.
5 pm Feb 8th Perth.
8am Feb 8th England.

9 Nibbles:

Amanda said...

woohoo!! I get to be first.

My first guess was the 5th of April. But that seems so far away (I worked it out based on 500gms a week for 9 weeks).

But I'm going to stick to it. Don't want to put too much pressure on you all the way from the other side of the world!

Good luck... beat that nasty 100 number (or 220 in American talk)!

J.W. said...

I say 11th March - I have big faith in you and thats my birthday so good day to pick ;)

- J.W.

Marshmallow said...

I'm going back smack for the end of March. 31st of March. (Just seems a neat deadline to me!)

Lost_Wings said...

I'll go for this month :o

Feb 27th

kathrynoh said...

3rd March!

Wanna_B_slim said...

Ok... 16th of March....
;o) you can do it....

Sandii said...

ok 7 march, not sure why, just plucked it out!

good luck with it.

i have just finished catching up on your latest posts and i have to say, the whole Opinion thing is so bad. why do people judge. i mean, yes, i am guilty of thinking, wow, what on earth is that man doing, he is using his stomach as a dinner tray and is so o/w he needs a little buggy to drive around on. i don't think KFC should be his first choice... but i would never stare or make a comment or even look in his direction with a judgemental face. i guess it's just my own disbelief that he could sit there and just continue to spiral.

having said all that, i'm certain there are people who thought the same of me when i weighed 120+ kgs... mind you, it NEVER stopped me from exercising or keeping up with my boy.

in fact Amandd and i talked about that very thing when we met for our drink the other night.

ok, this has been a huge comment, sorry!


Anonymous said...

I say April 21, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
-Dr. Kay

Kada said...

Alaskaboy guessed 18th of March. Just hasn't had time to get on and post.

Thanks everyone for your guesses, I'll keep yas updated as to how I'm doing.