Friday, December 15, 2006

You're not gonna bloody believe this.

I love to swim.*

No, that's not the unbelievable bit.

Someone else who lives in Australia likes to ride. This other chick here in the U.S. is good at running. We three belong to the same weight loss forum and have been egging each other on for a few months now with our exercise efforts. This week we realised we all have kinda been wanting a new challenge for 2007.

Can you guess yet? Need a hint, perhaps?

Put them together, and what do you have?

Yeah, I've kinda agreed to possibly run a sort-of-triathlon. I'm excited, but I still can't believe it. Now, I say a sort-of-triathlon because we're all living in very different locations it'd be a bit hard to get together in the one race. Well, it'd be OK if we were made of money, but we're not, so we're doing the best we can. Come the last week (or thereabouts) of January, we're going to do a Single-legged-Two-hemisphered-Three-day-triathlon!** LOL

Straight to Olympic-distance too.
Day One - I swim 1.5kms Day Two - G rides 40kms. Day Three – P runs 10 kms.
Then we all move to the next stage a couple of months later. And then the next, although I will most likely be walking most of that 10km distance. This body is not made for long-distance running, even in school I was a sprinter/hurdler/long jumper. Never long distance.

We're hoping that by the end of the year we can all do an individual three-day triathlon. I'm hoping that I'll be able to complete a super sprint or sprint distance triathlon myself by the end of 2008, with walking/jogging the run leg of course.

So, I can't believe it either but it looks like I'm gonna try this triathlon stuff.

*(just got back from one actually, and signed up for a 4 month membership at the pool. Kinda wasted the last one because it was too hot, mid-winter here in CA is perfect temps for me to swim. No sunburn! Woohoo!)

**Nah, we won't be that concerned with times, we'll just want to be able to say we completed the distance. ;)

4 Nibbles:

Amanda said...

What a fantastic idea! Not really confident that I could really ever make it all the way to olympic distance... but something to think about.

Thanks for your support. I've been pondering over the various possible causes, still haven't come to a rock hard conclusion though. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Marshmallow said...

Ahahahahaha Amanda, Finding Nemo! :-D 'There was this mollusc...'

What a fantastic idea, Kada! Best of luck to you and two 'other women' ;-)

Kada said...

Hey, Amanda, ya never know till you try. :) If it is something that interests you, you could always start at the shorter distance? The only reason we're going with the Olympic distance is because we're all so confident in our strengths. Will depend on how we feel after switching legs as to whether we go back to a shorter distance or not. Or, it'll just take longer to train up is all.

Hmmm.. Prithee, mayhap we shouldst gaze upon the distance and sighting our prey, our goal weights, and sayeth unto them, "Moine! Moine! Moine!"

Kada said...

LOL I'll pass the good wishes on.

It was strange watching Finding Nemo over here in an American theatre. When the comment about Diver Dan was made I let out this huge guffaw. I was the only one in the cinema who got the reference. Kinda embarrassing really as a few heads turned to look at me as if to say 'whatinhell's she laughing at?'. (Although, now I actually get a lot of references in movies I'd watched prior to living here that I didn't get beforehand. So fair's fair I guess. ;)