Monday, December 04, 2006

You're not gonna bloody believe this!

I tried on my skirt and the shorts to take photos for the Triple C Challenge. I did so only because I promised myself I'd take photos every weekend of December.

You remember the shorts?

Those shorts that I was so excited about on Thursday.

Fuck, was that really only three days ago?

Those shorts that I'd peed my brains out to be able to get to button up.

Yeah, them thar shorts.

They. . .zipped. . .up!

Stone the flamin' crows!

Comparing the two to te other day's shots, it's now patently obvious I was still bloated. Oh boy did I bloat this last ten days of more. So, I've been quietly losing inches and haven't really been able to tell, thanks to good ol' PMS. What a pleasant surprise to wake up to!

I wonder if this'll continue to be the pattern. Lose a bit, don't go anywhere for two or three weeks, and then BOOM! -- Lose a bunch. Shall be most interesting to keep track of over the next 12 months.

Hmm, maybe I should go back and see if there was any similarities or differences from when I was fatter.

Yes, Raina, I'm a numbers geek too. I just can't make the groovy charts you do! ;)

EDIT: 9:40am. It just struck me about a minute ago that it may indeed be a reality for me to get into the skirt by the end of the month. You could've knocked me down with a feather!

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Marshmallow said...

OMG Congratulations!!! What an AWESOME feeling that must've been!

btw, I tried on a pair of far-too-small-in-the-past shorts, and they buttoned and zipped up (a leeettle bit snug, the big roll of flab above the waistline is bigger because everything is smooshed in a bit), and I thought of you instantly and how thrilled you were that you'd buttoned up your shorts.

And now here I find that you'd been able to zip yours up too! We're some sort of psychic sisters, I tell you! ;-)

It is SO a possibility to get into that skirt! Keep it up girlie!

Kada said...

I didn't believe it at first. There was the initial excitement, but it was tinged with shades of "oh it must have stretched when I tried it on the other day", never mind it's not a material that stretches. LOL

I jumped up and down and carried on like a pork chop, which of course involved bossing Alaskaboy around and making him take photos. I even remembered to get one of the skirt this time.

Then I tried on one of five pairs of 16W jeans that I bought last year. THAT reaction involved running into the kitchen doing a weird kind of jumping 180 so that I landed facing away from Alaskaboy and shaking my groove thang at him, saying "Git a load o' my sexy bum!"


Oooh I hear ya on the big roll of flab at the top. I got me one of those too!

That is SO wonderful that you got those shorts on. Bet you did a crazy lil dance too. :P Now ya gotta find something else for the CCC Challenge. MwaHAHAHAHA

I imagine how you felt is a bit like how I reacted upon reading that you'd been a paper boy. Twins indeed!

{grin} Can't wait to see what you decide upon for your clothing piece. We are SO gonna kick arse at this! ;)

Glam said...

Yay, yay, yay! That's so awesome. Isn't that the best feeling in the world.

So proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Kada said...

It IS the best feeling, Glam. I remember all those times that I'd go to put on something and it wouldn't do up -- absolutely heartbreaking. This is the complete opposite.

Even better is realising clothes that I was so excited to fit into six weeks ago, no longer look good because they're too big! :D

I intend to keep up the good work! You too! Bet you wanna feel sexy on your wedding day, right?