Monday, December 11, 2006

Why you little--{grabs scales by the throat}

222.5 lbs or 101.1kgs. AIYEEE! Put on 4 lbs with my period bloating, and then only take 3.5 off over the next two weeks. Still over 220lbs/100kgs. {sigh}

My friend Kay, the one I'm doing the christmas day challenge with, she's gone up a lb and yet she's got the same problem I have, clothes no longer fit! Her jeans were literally falling down whilst she was running to the car the other day. She didn't wanna stop because it was just too cold. Luckily she made it before her arse was bared to the world! lol

Oh well, just keep at it, I guess. Will get there eventually.

I just wanna stomp those stupid scales into a bazillion pieces!

2 Nibbles:

Marshmallow said...

Hey don't beat yourself up - you've seen with your own eyes those shorts getting easier to put on, that skirt getting easier to put on - in the end thats more important than numbers on a scale. Don't discount the effect of muscle! :-D

Kada said...

I think I was just so disappointed, I truly believed that this time I'd be under that friggen' number.

You're right though. Clothes and fitness are much more important than the scales. Alaskaboy also told me to focus on what I have achieved, not on what is still to elude me.

You people and your sensible reminders of what I already know! Can't even let a girl bitch'n'moan for a bit. ;) LOL

{insert whiny voice} But that was the one real weight loss goal I've had this whole year: to be under 100 kgs for good! And to be hovering so close still.. it's enough to drive a person batshit, honest! {/whine}

The shorts and skirt seemed to work really well this time 'round, maybe I should pick a new article of clothing to work towards? Better goal than a number on the scales eh?