Thursday, December 28, 2006

Still lower than this time last year. Mwuhahahah!

I'm at 222.5 lbs / 101.1 kgs.

So this week a gain for me of two lbs. I'm ecstatic over that actually. I've got period bloating and we ate a lot of salty restaurant food for dinner last night. Last period, I put on 4 lbs, that was without restaurant food and christmas being smack dab in the middle of pms.

My last weigh in for 2005 before I went away on holidays was BEFORE christmas and was still 1/2 lbs or 200g heavier than what my last weigh in for this year is, after christmas. Teehee. God that feels SO good. I wasn't going to weigh in today because I feel so very bloated and a little ick, thanks to the ultra greasy food from last night, but I'm up, it's my last chance to weigh in before we go on holiday, so I may as well take it. I've been (at times, painfully) honest all year, why stop now? lol And no, I'm not changing my tickers, I know what caused this "weight gain", so it'll stay and I'm betting I'll be under 220lbs when we come back!

And now? we're off to do aerobics.

If I don't get a chance to post later today or tomorrow, we'll catch yas from Nebraska! Ooroo!

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c2s Hayley said...

Ooroo back at You!

Kada said...

Didja have a good New Year's Eve?