Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stage Two - Complete!

Start Point: 101.1 kgs (222.5 lbs)
Aim: 99.9 kgs (219.8 lbs)
Plan: Raise step height to increase likelihood of cardio workout being slightly beyond comfort zone.

Stage Two Report for Operation Kilo Kick.

08:19:00 Completed 20 minutes yoga to work stiffness out of muscles.
08:22:00 Commenced step aerobics, full steam ahead on 3" high plank.
08:42:00 Started to get jelly legs.
08:45:00 Lowered to 1.5" plank, but stayed with non-modified movements.
08:52:00 Completed step aerobics
08:54:00 Light stretching
08:57:00 Successful completion of stage two.

Definite improvement on stage one. It may have something to do with the house being cooler since Alaskaboy hadn't started his baking yet, and it was earlier in the morning so I was refreshed. ;) Although I'd also like to think I'm a little fitter than the other day. LOL
I do feel fitter.

2 Nibbles:

c2s Hayley said...

Keep on kickin' on!

Kada said...

Kick go the legs, girls, kick, kick, kick??? lol