Sunday, December 03, 2006

A ScoobyGang Rides Again!

Don't know if you remember me mentioning that exercise DVD I bought Alaskaboy for his birthday this year?* The one that we got only two minutes into the warm up before quitting, then going out and buying a slightly less difficult one to use!
Well, we just sat and watched the whole 69 minutes of it. For a brief shining moment we were thinking we might be fit enough now to give it a whirl -- modified of course.


Alaskaboy's comment was, "If that was a sex tape, I'd be smoking a cigarette and dropping you home about now." LOL We both agreed we were already tired from watching the thing and that we'd be waiting awhile before attempting it.

Cathe Friedrich is my hero. My god, that woman is fit! Strong, healthy, flexible, and yet she still has womanly curves. It's so nice to see how far we've come in the last twenty years or so. Athletic looking woman doing aerobic tapes. Not gangly-looking women who've obviously never lifted a weight in their life and are there because a) they look great in a leotard or b) can maintain an aerobic dance routine for the specified amount of time.

Before you get up on your high horses and accuse me of such, no, I'm not looking down on or sneering at the workout videos available prior to nowadays. They were just as important in their day for the breakthroughs they were making. In-home exercising how brilliant is that! Without their groundbreaking work, we wouldn't be where we are today. I'm simply saying that there's now a happy medium between those who weight lift for bulk and/or competition purposes and those that wish to do no weightlifting at all. And more importantly, society has progressed again to allow for those of us who wish to lift weights, but don't wish to do so at a gym. We now can do so in the privacy of our own homes as well. Those of us who want shaping and toning as well as aerobic fitness can get it. Those of us that can't afford a personal trainer can have an easily affordable equivalent. Dumbbells, rubber bands, steps etc they can all be purchased over time to build your collection as you increase your fitness. Those that wish to have long, lean and aerobically fit bodies, or stretchy, flexible ones, have dominated the home video market for so long. It's so great that those of us who wish a little more bulk can also have our time in the sun!

Woah, I did digress, didn't I? Didn't mean to, sorry about that.

Both Alaskaboy and I have agreed that our fitness goal for next year is to work our way up to being able to do that whole tape by the end of the 2007. We're thinking it'll take longer than this to work up to her MuscleMax DVD.

Woohoo! Stay tuned as Kada the Aerobic Beginner and Alaskaboy become {duhduhduuuuuh} Buff-Bod the Step Slayer and her sidekick, AerobicMan! Anyone else wanting to join our ScoobyGang? LOL

*This is an advanced Low Impact workout? God, I'd hate to see her advanced High Impact workouts! Sheesh!

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Marshmallow said...

I'm an exercise DVD nut, and even though I've joined a gym in the past two months, I probably would never have gained the confidence to do so if I hadn't been working out with DVDs for several years. And yes, even though I'm a member of a gym, those DVDs are not obsolete - and I can do anything from Pilates to Aerobics to Yoga to Weight training to Kickboxing to Dance at home. Its useful if I can't be arsed leaving the house (weather) or just can't get to the gym (transport) - so I'm all for exercise DVDs!

I haven't tried any of Cathe's DVDs, but boy do I want to. They just don't sell them in New Zealand - and I would order them off Amazon but they're classified as 'Sports and Outdoor', a category that doesn't ship to New Zealand. Bugger! I'll have to look forward to your account on how you and AlaskaBoy did with them!

Kada said...

Got any Dance video recommendations?

I like going to the gym, not so big on classes because I get paranoid, but I like the gym . . . IF I go with someone else. I prefer to be a social exerciser. Even now if Alaskaboy is at work and I'm feeling kinda blah, I'll call a friend, or post on some forums I belong to and see if anyone wants to exercise "with" me. ;)

Can you purchase the Cathe DVDs straight from her website? Why can't you ship in those types to NZ?

I'm glad you got up the confidence to go to the gym. Even if you don't keep it up, you've learned a new thing to love. interval training! woohoo!