Monday, December 11, 2006


In response to my scales saying such horrible things, I would like to say, "NyahNyahnyahNYAH!"

My US14(Aus18) Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that I bought on my first trip over actually make it up to my hips. That's right, they fit my legs and the bottom half of my bum like a dream! Last time I tried them on, (more accurately that should be, last time I attempted to try them on,) I couldn't even get them up past my knees. And my AUS16 pair of shorts from Target that I bought about umpteen years ago actually make it up past the hips and sit comfortably.

Both pairs of pants won't even think about buttoning up. The shorts I'll be into sooner, despite them being the smaller size, because of gaining weight that time over summer I definitely wore them till I didn't fit in them anymore. Also, they have a zip and a button but they're a fairly stretchy pair of dress shorts, even the waistband is elasticized. The jeans, well, they've got a long way to go since they were never stretched at all!

So, I now have a good challenge. These aren't pairs of clothing that I can just slip on into in a couple of weeks of hard exercise, unlike the last lot. LOL

No, I'm not diminishing my recent achievements in the slightest, rather I'm challenging myself a little more this time. I'm being daring! It was so satisfying to watch those clothes inch closer and closer to fitting that I'm wanting to do it again, but starting from a little farther back this time. ;)

Dare I set myself a goal of fitting into those jeans by Valentine's Day 2007? I'll make sure Alaskaboy takes photos this week of me (sort of) wearing them.

In the mean time I have a fitted dress skirt AUS22 that I'd initially bought for my civil wedding service. I've never fit into it, ever. Currently it fits over the hips, bum and thighs, but the zipper still doesn't zip up. That is the very next goal. Make that fit, maybe even by the time we come back from Nebraska.

I'm back in the saddle and have successfully rid myself of my doldrums from earlier today. Woohoo!

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