Saturday, December 09, 2006


I was all stoked, ready to come on here and tell you the ecstatic news about my successful completion of yet another December Goal. But, I realised there's one little word holding me back. LOL


This morning the skirt zipped up. The zipper now lies flat as it is s'posed to. The little button at the top even does up, and the skirt settles at my waist, skimming down over my hips nad it looks fabulous .

"It fits, it fits!" I muttered in pleased surprise, whilst twirling in front of the mirror.

After whipping it off and changing into warmer clothes, I dashed on out to the computer. But, upon reading my goals as I went to tick it off, I realised, in all honesty, that it doesn't fit comfortably. I didn't dare sit down in case I split the seams.

Technically, it fits, yes, but not comfortably so.

Since we're only 8 days into December(at least here in the USA), I get the feeling that it's gonna be very really friggen' comfy by the end of the month! LOL

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