Thursday, December 07, 2006

PB -- Not The Kind That Goes With Jam.

Today when I was doing the new, harder strength-training video (Add-Ons section of Body Fusion dvd) for the third time since we got it, I was able to do more of the workout than the previous two times. ie more reps in each set and for more sets than before, even two sets of ten pushups! Not only that, but I had dinner straight after, and then went for a three mile walk.

That three mile walk? {insert HUGE smile here}

Remember how one of my October goals was to drop ten minutes off my time, and I almost did that? I went from 70 - 65 minutes. Then, for my November goal I wanted to drop more minutes... but it didn't happen, I actually went back up to 70 minutes due to overtraining. Well, I've improved again.

I did a new Personal Best time today!

Last time I did the 65 minutes it was without stopping at any traffic lights. It was like the god of traffic lights had smiled upon me, and all was green for go! When I got home from that walk, I pretty much collapsed in a heap in a chair, and didn't move for a good fifteen minutes afterwards. At that point I had to go straight to a bath because I was so stiff, and then do stretching later as well as a cool down walk. That was also the only exercise I did for that whole day.

Today I walked the route in 65 minutes.

But wait, I hear you say, that's the exact same time!

Ahh, but today, I stopped at a traffic light. Now I did forget to time the traffic light, but I know for certain that traffic lights usually stay red for at least 45-60 seconds.. sometimes even longer. So, in conclusion, I did a new PB! My next goal is to get under 65, even if I have to stop at one or more lights. LOL

Oh, and not only did I improve on the walk, but when I got home, I was able to stroll around the house slowly to cool off, and then still had the strength to do stretching.

Let's recap shall we? Best strength training workout and quickest walk I've done so far -- all in the same day!

Oh yeah, baybee!

I feel so pumped! I just know that I'm going to complete ALL of my goals for this month.

4 Nibbles:

Marshmallow said...

Congrats on beating your personal best! What an awesome achievement! :-D You must be SO chuffed!

kathrynoh said...

Congratulations. It puts you on such a high, doesn't it.

Kada said...

Completely chuffed. :)

kinda achy this morning though. lol Surprisingly, not the "ohmygodWTFdidyouDO!" kind of ache, am pleased to say. Not up for anything more than a slower walk and stretching today, but I'm not hobbling!

You figure out a piece of clothing yet, your own 'personal best' for the CCC Challenge? ;)

Kada said...

Oh, it does Kathryn indeed! Is that how you felt running under 11 minutes around Optus Oval? (or is it back to being Princes Park, again?)