Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Number On The Beast.

I'm owning up to having weighed in this weekend just gone. Alaskaboy weighed on Sunday as per usual. I left the house whilst he retrieved the scales, and then I asked could I weigh, just to see how I was doing. (And I was curious to see how bloated I actually was since I'd had PMS for the longest time on record to date.)

So very glad I'm not listening to the scales at the moment.

{slaps hands over ears}
{singsongs: "LALALALALALAI'mNotListeningToYouLALALAAAAAH"}

If they were my only indicator of how I was doing, even knowing I was PMS-bloated, I would have been heartbroken that after exercising for nine weeks straight it showed I was back up to 226 lbs.

According to the scales I've made no progress. NONE! In fact they indisputably tell me I actually went four lbs backwards last month.

Let my inner cheer squad spell out my opinion of that!


So, it will be very interesting to see what they say come Christmas Morning. Will it be a high total since I'll more than likely be PMSing by then again? Will I actually see the numbers I'm aching to see? How will I feel either way?

The more important questions are: Will I break down and weigh the week before Christmas to give a measure that is not abnormal? And how will I feel if that too is not where I want it to be? How excited will I be if it IS!?

And why the HELL do I worry about what the scale says anyway? This still confuses me as to why I'm still needing to know those numbers. Why can't I just say “bugger off” to the scales completely and stick with measuring by my clothes and how fit I am? I guess it's something we've had to deal with right from the minute we're born, this constant obsession with how much we weigh! It's just so culturally vital to know one's stats.

No one cares if you've dropped umpteen dress sizes, they all wanna know, "But, how much have you lost?"

First Questions A New Parent Is Asked: "Boy or Girl? How Heavy? How Long?" (or something very similar!)

I've had several conversations over the last couple of months with people other than my parents, my husband, or those of you on here. It doesn't matter if I try to spell out my success in other ways, without fail, no one wants to hear about anything but the scales. They all express shock that I've ditched the scales and ask me, "But how will you know how you're doing?" And yet, they all refuse to see the other forms of measurement as being any good. Scales Are King I tell you, King and God!

Anyone got any thoughts as to why the scales are so all important even when we know they really shouldn't be? Why does that little beast that is under our feet have our number so easily?

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